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Synonyms for bless

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Synonyms for bless

to make sacred by a religious rite

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Synonyms for bless

confer prosperity or happiness on

Related Words

make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection


render holy by means of religious rites

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Under her company are six branches of Bless Las Paellas Restaurant, and three branches each for Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant, and Bless Amare Cafe.
'Bless Amare Cafe is a dining hub where aroma meets fresh, sophisticated blends of traditional Filipino, Spanish and Japanese fusion to create an extraordinary culinary experience at an affordable price that appeals tremendously to discriminating diners.
Rebecca, Leah and Rachel are the next women who were blessed mothers.
"Bless The Wings was disappointing on his last of runs and I was actually thinking of retiring him, so it just goes to show what those jumps can do to a horse."
Rev Snowball, who has been at St Thomas's for nine years, then used holy water to bless each animal individually.
Bless (and blast) New Southern Studies, that long-overdue revolution, that ambiguous banner under which these newest scholars emerge.
Any Christian reader looking for specific, close inspection of Scripture will find Bless Israel; Be Blessed to be a revealing text packed sources for much spiritual reflection.
Moses gets clear instructions from God on how a blessing should go, at least: "The Lord bless and keep you!
Bless replaces Logan Kruger, who has stepped down as director and employee of the company.
"When the church blesses the marriage of anyone civilly married it does so recognizing that the couple is already married and that the blessing celebrates and deepens a reality that already exists."
Mitch collected his winnings and anxiously waited to see which horse the priest would bless for the sixth race.
for it is customary for aged and pious people who come before kings to bless them with wealth, possessions, honor and advancement...." (4) Rashi adds that verse 10 (only) may imply a blessing that the Nile would rise and irrigate the land, (5) appropriate for a time of famine.
WE'VE all heard the expression bless this house, but for the Archbishop of Wales it was a case of bless this caravan.