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Synonyms for blend

Synonyms for blend

to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

to combine and adapt in order to attain a particular effect

Synonyms for blend

an occurrence of thorough mixing

Related Words

a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings

the act of blending components together thoroughly

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The propensity to self-and-other-question in Here Comes the Night is matched only by the inventiveness with which, like time with the slogans in 'In Whose Blent Air', Gillis takes established genres and reconceives them, making them breathe contemporary life.
The thunder clouds close o'er it, which when rent The earth is cover'd thick with other clay, Which her own clay shall cover, heap'd and pent, Rider and horse, - friend, foe in one red burial blent.
man grows Forth from his parents' stem, And blends their bloods, as those Of theirs are blent in them; So each new man strikes root into a far-fore time.
e poem ends: "A serious house on serious earth it is, In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, Are recognized, and robed as destinies.
1) Rossetti depicts these words as the idle chatter of romance, filling the space, concealing "Through two blent souls one rapturous undersong" (1.
And while the slanting rays explored Crannies where the light and shadow blent, Our funny faces, caught in the globed vase, And a snippet of our sky gazed back at us, In its ample curves we contemplated Birds that flew in flocks around the town, The roofs of all the houses turning red, Right aboved a bell tower, now, the sun.
Every one of those keen moments has left its trace, and lives in us still, but such traces have blent themselves irrecoverably with the firmer texture of our youth and manhood.
But he concludes: "A serious house on serious earth it is, In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, Are recognised, and robed as destinies.
II Such a dream is Time that the coo of this ancient bird Has perished not, but is blent, or will be blending Mid visionless wilds of space with the voice that I heard, In the full-fugued song of the universe unending.
For from the shore there came sea-minstrelsy Of waves that broke upon the hollow beach, With liquid sound of pearling surges blent, Cymbals, and muffled drums and dulcimers.
Whenever I visit this place of learning and contemplation I think of Philip Larkin's poem, Church Going, and the line: "A serious house on serious earth it is, In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, Are recognised, and robed as destinies"
As if the leaf of light green, Drawn into arcs, wind tousled, subtler than parsley in its tang, had already Blent tomato with lime and onion in the mouth - until I am like the islanders Who had never tasted salt, although now that the old rock was riven And the sweet saliva leaping forth, how could one contrive To live in the old isolation, which had no savory?
So when the "dark ripples," another 'l'-saturated word, are consummated in the undulating hair that is indivisibly an effect of rippling water and waves of hair blent with ripples, it seems that we have almost reached a point where the sight and sound patterns of the sonnet climax in the kiss that can hold and fix the image of the woman risen from the dead.
Let me hear but broken chords, In yearning minors strung; Concord and dissonance blent,-- Sweetness from sadness wrung.