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small usually scaleless fishes with comb-like teeth living about rocky shores

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It is noteworthy that in October, when otters start feeding on blenny and goby, mink stop eating this fish.
Fry, along with Nicholas Casewell of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom, led a team of researchers that published a study on various evolutionary characteristics of blenny fish.
Ktari N, Khaled H, Nasri R, Jellouli K, Ghorbel S, Nasri M (2012) Trypsin from zebra blenny (Salaria basilisca) viscera: Purification, characterization and potential application as a detergent additive.
Mack's initial description, and her subsequent photographs, we determined that these fish were most likely the largemouth blenny, Labrisomus xanti and that the red individuals were breeding males (Thomson et al.
Benny is s tompot blenny, a real British fish, and he acts as a narrator as he introduces children to the beautiful and often unexpected undersea world around British coasts.
According to NSW scientists, the Pacific leaping Blenny, which grows to only eight centimetres and spends its time leaping from rock to rock, defending territory and feeding on the tropical island of Guam, provides an evolutionary snapshot of each stage of the land invasion by fish, News.
FISH & TRIPS Blenny fish on cargo ship in Lambay Island, Co Dublin
Mark Thomas' award-winning photo of a tompot blenny
During his dives, the 34-year-old trained lifeguard came face to face with a fish rarely seen in the North East - the tompot blenny, usually found in the much warmer climes off the coast of Portugal.
pylei Randall and McCosker, 1989, and Pentapodus numberii Allen and Erdmann, 2009, as well as a blenny (Ecsenius randalli Springer, 1991) considered endemic to Halmahera that is found occasionally in Raja Ampat.
His most vivid memory of his service years is the military's high alert caused by the 1965 East Coast blackout and the crew's many hours of tension as the Blenny cruised off the New England coast awaiting orders.
Behavior and habitat of the Indian Ocean amphibious blenny, Alticus monochrus.
The rocky nooks and crannies reveal the eccentric-looking tompot blenny - a bizarre fish with parrot lips and a peculiar antennae sprouting from its forehead.
His son Nick was well adrift, but still managed second place with five flounder, four eels and a blenny for 286 cm (2lb 10.
The kosher Kinneret bleak, a type of sardine still swimming in the lake's waters, would also have been plentiful, as would the non-kosher catfish and blenny.