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the act of blending components together thoroughly

a gradation involving small or imperceptible differences between grades


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Compared with previous Trutzschler tuft feeding installations, the performance of the pans of the new tuft blending system has doubled.
English Breakfast tea blends chiefly use a large China Keemun leaf for the main blending component.
Pumps for liquid metering/proportioning and systems for in-line blending of two or more liquids, Units handle pressures up to 50,000 psi and viscosities to 100,000 cp at outputs to 23,000 gal/hr.
Recently, however, blending has become a controversial practice debated by the wastewater industry, environmentalists, and public health scientists.
Avoid making the drink too thin (with too much liquid) from the outset, as it's often almost impossible to thicken it up, even by blending in extra ice or frozen fruit.
Balancing Act Although there are no rules when blending tea, there are a few classic guidelines to lead you in the right direction.
Choose a tinted formula, and custom-create your own perfect color by blending it with a lighter or darker creamy concealer.
Blending of recycled elastomers with plastics is a promising approach for developing new families of thermoplastic elastomers and rubber-toughened plastics (refs.
Instead of micrometer-sized droplets typical of polymer blending, these strings can be 10 cm in length, and have been observed to wrap around the processing flow.
Automated Beer Blending A brewery equipment manufacturer propounds the benefits of automated beer blending.
PERRYSBURG, Ohio -- Advanced Blending Technologies, LLC, has been awarded a U.
Optimum series blender product lines involve gravimetric weighing and blending that minimize waste and maximize inventory accuracy, guaranteeing the correct resin blends for a wide range of process applications.
By custom blending and flavoring your own teas creatively and cost effectively.
NOTE: Angling and turning the glass while pouring keeps the trio of mixtures from blending together.
But this method is quite expensive compared with blending or alloying resins.