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the act of blending components together thoroughly

a gradation involving small or imperceptible differences between grades


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Taking an environment-friendly approach in thermal power plants with coal blending requires an understanding of the interaction of inorganic components of coals in the blend process and how it affects ash behavior including its emissivity, and thermal conductivity.
To ensure the observance of the blending ratio, the only technologies considered suitable are those that precisely weigh the individual components.
Blending components include reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending (RBOB), conventional blendstock for oxygenate blending (CBOB) and gasoline treated as blendstock (GTAB).
Visitors receive a short presentation about the appellations from which the grapes were sourced as well as the principles of tasting and blending wine before sampling each of the wines by drawing on a spigot on the barrelhead.
It is well-known that polymer blending has been an attractive alternative for producing new polymeric materials with tailored properties without having to synthesize completely new materials.
Unfortunately, not long after starting a small-scale blending operation, many tea retailers discover that blending also comes with a unique set of hassles.
UL approval is also pending for two new Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser capabilities: high ethanol-grade blending at the dispenser and support for up to E85.
With these two, the blending of multiple perspectives begins.
"Blending In: The Extent and Promise of Blended Education in the United States" builds on the series of annual reports on the state of online education in U.S.
Nonintensive ribbon blenders for dry and dry/liquid blending have capacities of 2 to 680 cu ft and are used for mixing additives and pigments into powders and pellets.
Also, blending certain base elastomers, such as polychloroprene, with other synthetic elastomers will sometimes reduce stickiness (ref.
Blending the fuel with diesel eliminates this problem during winter use.
"Blending," or "bypassing," is one engineering technique that many sewerage operators have used to handle peak flows.
The present paper investigates the word-formation process of blending in English.