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an electrically powered mixer with whirling blades that mix or chop or liquefy foods

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For use on sensitive skin, acne and ageing skin , the SofSmooth[TM] Blender is enhanced with the SofSilk[TM] Microfibrillar Technology which features antimicrobial microfibrillar fibres synthesised from hydrophilic polyurethane for contouring, bronzing, blush and loose setting powders.
Plus, this blending bunch will be the freshest yet with a limited-edition peppermint scented deluxe blender cleanser solid to match each of the four blender hues.
The second winner will receive the Le Blender Premium, worth PS220, it comes in black and features a 1200W motor.
For increased versatility, an interchangeable ribbon agitator can be supplied with any new Ross Paddle Blender. Both paddle and ribbon agitators are widely used in the preparation of dry solid-solid mixes, and can easily accommodate minor liquid additions.
The brand celebrated the occasion with the debut of the 3-in-l Total Juicer, which combines a juicer, a blender and an extractor in one appliance.
The blender blades are powered by nothing but human energy, so hopping on the Fender Blender bike and peddling is the only way to move the mixture through the machine.
Ross manufactures Ribbon Blenders used in the process industries for rapid, thorough and dust-free blending of powders, granules, pellets and other bulk solids.
What we liked: Not only can the blender be used to make an impressive array of dishes, snacks and drinks, but it offers fuss-free cleaning for those pressed for time.
South Dakota on track to be national leader in ethanol 'blender pumps': Forty-nine selected gasoline stations in South Dakota are dividing $1 million in federal stimulus money in a campaign to install as many as 100 new ethanol blender pumps.
Renowned British kitchen appliance manufacturer, Kenwood, has launched its newest hand blender in the region, aimed at the home entertainment market and accomplished cooks.
The company is growing so rapidly that Production Manager, Kory Seitz, realized that demand would soon exceed the capacity of the company's only mixer, a 0.85 cubic metre ribbon blender located in the Irvine (California, USA) facility.
The second edition of this guide to the Blender free open source 3D creation suite provides programmers and game designers with a complete tutorial on the latest advanced modeling, character animation and rendering features.
Set up your blender display in front of the small electrics department, but make it stand out from the other appliances with complementary props.