blended whisky

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mixture of two or more whiskeys or of a whiskey and neutral spirits

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By introducing the world's first blended whisky, The One, made from spirits from around the nations of Britain, together with the Lakes Gin and Vodka, we established demand for the Lakes Single Malt years before it becomes available.
I told Good about the greater appreciation for single malts in the past ten years, with some being so snooty about it as to say they only drink single malts, looking down on blended whisky.
It has become about drinking a specific vodka in a cocktail, going for a single malt instead of a blended whisky and asking what local wines are on the menu.
The OFT has determined that the completed tie-up may result in a significant lessening of competition in the supply of blended whisky to retailers.
An abject disappointment at the National Hunt Festival, MILLE CHIEF gets the chance to atone in the Isle Of Skye Blended Whisky Scottish Champion Hurdle (2.
Angus Dundee Distillers sends a significant proportion of its blended whisky overseas to be bottled.
It will be the exclusive blended whisky available at Musselburgh and Ayr on racedays.
Glengoyne Distillery, near Glasgow, is holding a Burns Blending Session in which you can make your own, unique blended whisky from hundreds of samples and then enjoy a haggis dinner.
With such skill and ability to produce the perfect dram of blended whisky, the team at the distillery are local heroes.
The galvanizing took place over the period of 2003 and the site looks to be open mid-2004, at which time they will produce the single malt Glen Turner and a blended whisky named Label Five.
The prices of imported whiskies continue to fall, to the ridiculous point where many of the more popular and better-known Scottish blended whisky brands are cheaper here than they are in the UK Highly unusual single Scotch malts are available at discerning off-licenses in my neighborhood for prices unthinkable in Scotland, never minding the fact that you can't buy them there in the first place.
Famous Grouse is the largest selling blended whisky in Scotland and consists of more than 65% grain whiskies including North British and Cambus.
Luxury blended whisky Chivas Regal could be one answer as it has launched a set of limited-edition gift tins.