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combined or mixed together so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable


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They spoke together, and the sounds of their voices were low and solemn, as if influenced by a reverence that was deeply blended with awe.
Generally, any two coals can't just be blended. Successful blending occurs with respect to non-additive properties (likes combustion reactivity of coal, ash characteristics, grindability index, and swelling characteristics) of two coals.
The Ministry of Agriculture wants all flour blended by crops like sorghum, millet, and sweet potato to make it more nutritious.
Gasoline stocks include both finished motor gasoline and unfinished gasoline blending components which must be blended with ethanol before sale to motorists
Synopsis: Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of education; teacher effectiveness and student achievement are both tied to the ability to adapt to new technology, and blended learning has become a hot topic in schools across the nation.
"Many customers don't even know the wines they enjoy actually are blended. However, some customers do specifically say that they like blends, but typically don't know what blends they are looking for," he says.
ERIC Descriptors: Blended Learning; Definitions; Taxonomy; Elementary Secondary Education; Models; Educational Practices; Program Descriptions; Teaching Methods; Educational Principles; Cluster Grouping
A vertical column of material exits the area above the valve - causing the segregation of the blended powders.
Many researchers have reported that moisture absorption improves, when flax is blended with cotton, but the strength is often lowered [Morrison and Danny, 2001].
This blend tends to include strong, robust varieties of tea, which create a flail, rich flavor when blended. In the U.S., English Breakfast tea blends chiefly use a large China Keemun leaf for the main blending component.
A skillfully blended hybrid wine can stand toe-to-toe with many of its respected vinifera cousins.
The Handbook of Blended Learning: Global Perspectives, Local Designs, Curtis J.
Written by American Association of Christian Counselors member Maxine Marsolini, Raising Children in Blended Families: Helpful Insights, Expert Opinions, and True Stories is a guide especially for Christian parents facing the unique challenges of a blended family and being a stepparent.
Blender accommodates Matcon Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), in which product can be transported, blended, stored, and directly discharged to process.
The fuel can be blended with diesel fuel at any ratio, which makes using biodiesel simple.