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an ore that is the chief source of zinc

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From the crystallographic view point, the tetragonal unit cell of chalcopyrite can be regarded as a concatenation of two cubic unit cells of the zinc blende structure stacked on top of each other along the c-axis.
Dans ce passage qui n'est pas sans evoquer la poesie surrealiste, deux voix off, fascinees par les images de roches rouges et ocres a l'ecran (que l'on dirait tournees sur Mars) egrenent avec un plaisir manifeste des noms de minerais, comme si elles prenaient conscience a la fois de la richesse phonetique de ces mots et de la beaute visuelle des elements qu'ils designent : << Blende.
Thus, as "Baltazar in his bed [is] beten to depe, / Pat bolge his blod and his brayn blende on pe clopes" (1788-89), the audience can take pleasure in his violent demise.
For the aioli: With immersion blende puree together egg, garlic
Concentrating on four novels (Offene Blende, Snowed Under [Unter Schnee], Tupolew 134, and Kaltere Schichten der Luft), Norman illustrates that Strubel creates intentional ambiguous identities for her characters in order to rupture traditional binary understandings of relationships and to overcome persistent limits of perception of space and time: "The shifting sands of identity, the haunting presence of 'doubles,' the blurring of categories of nation, gender and sexuality, and the challenges of living and loving in a post-Wall German society can all be found" (98) in Strubel's novels.
The three-dentist House Call Dentist team is a division of the nationally known Blende Dental Group based in San Francisco, headed by Dr.
On comparison with the standard sample (JCPDS card #050566), the X-ray diffractogram and 20 values of ZnS were found to be in fairly good agreement, thus confirming the zinc blende crystal structure.
Bay Area House Call Dentists, a service of the San Francisco-based Blende Dental Group, brings high quality, compassionate dental care to the homes of special needs patients who can't travel to a dentist.
2004 year Paechter/200 learning online, nine 4 blende weeks d, and f2f Kim & various courses online semester Moore/2005 Study Instruments Impacts and sources Almeda/1998 questionnaires content, (C1, E2, P3, S4) technology and program format as motivators Frederickson questionnaires motivated by et al.
Results of heavy mineral analyses Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals grain size % heavy horn- (mm) minerals blende diopside MPH 0.
2) Zinc blende, a lustrous black or brown crystalline zinc sulphide;
The ores developed occur in veins, as sulfides: blende, galena, pyrite, chalcocite, covelline ant tetrahedrite, obtained amounted to: lead concentrates, 46,640 tonnes with 73 to 78% of lead; zinc concentrates, 75.