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an ore that is the chief source of zinc

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The XRD analysis revealed the cubic zinc blende structure of ZnS nanoparticles with no evidence of impurities, whereas CuS nanoparticles were of a hexagonal phase (covellite).
The new flavour joins the existing portfolio of signature flavours, which includes caramel crisp; cheese corn; buttery; plain; and Garrett Mix, which is a blende of both caramel crisp and cheese corn.
STARBUCKS New Street/railway station concourse The basics: Latte PS2.25, cappuccino PS2.25, Americano PS2 Treats: Creme blende PS3.40, toasted fruit bread with butter and jam PS1.79 Verdict: You know exactly what you get, but New Street has had a makeover and the new concourse bar has been well appointed.
A zinc blende modification can be achieved through epitactic growth (49) and very high pressure can form a rock-salt structure.
Generally aluminum compounds (AlN, AlAs) crystallize in zinc blende (ZnS) structure [2].
AlSb is a zinc blende type semiconductor having indirect band gap of 1.6 eV at room temperature, Jianxiong et al, (2011) which is in good agreement with visible light.
Just before the Great War commenced in 1914, the understanding of the nature of X-rays received a huge boost when a German scientist Max von Laue and his students discovered a diffraction pattern by shining a beam of X-rays through a crystal of zinc blende (ZnS).
The semiconductors of I-III-[VI.sub.2] family are isoelectronic with the zinc blende II-VI compound semiconductors.
Thus, as "Baltazar in his bed [is] beten to depe, / Pat bolge his blod and his brayn blende on pe clopes" (1788-89), the audience can take pleasure in his violent demise.
For the aioli: With immersion blende puree together egg, garlic
Concentrating on four novels (Offene Blende, Snowed Under [Unter Schnee], Tupolew 134, and Kaltere Schichten der Luft), Norman illustrates that Strubel creates intentional ambiguous identities for her characters in order to rupture traditional binary understandings of relationships and to overcome persistent limits of perception of space and time: "The shifting sands of identity, the haunting presence of 'doubles,' the blurring of categories of nation, gender and sexuality, and the challenges of living and loving in a post-Wall German society can all be found" (98) in Strubel's novels.