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  • verb

Synonyms for blench

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

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Synonyms for blench

turn pale, as if in fear

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That is an extraordinarily high grade and we don't know anything like it on the planet," Blench said, holding a small but heavy reddish brown rock.
The following regression equation developed by Blench was used for sand beds and cohesive to non-cohesive banks
(8.) Wickens 1982; Blench 2007; Wickens and Lowe 2008.
Crewe does not blench at the possibility that the writer "harborjed] genocidal wishes regarding his English fellow-citizens" but he does find the attack on Jerusalem and the attack on London to be "notably discontinuous" (42).
In this paper, we shall explore the negative marking strategies employed by Igbo, a New Benue-Congo Language (Williamson and Blench 2000) spoken in South Eastern Nigeria.
Baker Tilly's secretary, Alison Blench, added: "We were delighted to support the Sunshine fund as our nominated charity during the past 12 months.
For this paper, we explore adjunct structures in Emai, a West Benue Congo language within southern Nigeria's Edoid group (Elugbe 1989, Williamson and Blench 2000).
Blench, "Seasonal climatic forecasting: who can use it and how should it be disseminated?" Natural Resource Perspectives 47, Overseas Development Institute, London, UK, 1999.
Blench and Dendo (2003) record 550 languages as spoken in Nigeria.
High Commissioner of Malaysia and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Madam Datin Blench Olbery.
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The second edition of An Index of Nigerian Languages lists over four hundred languages (see Crozier and Blench).
Day two will focus on a series of networking sessions and panel debates on some of the key industry issues, including 'LTE's Middle East Performance Promise " Believe the Hype?', 'Convergence " Technological, Market And Policy/Regulation Dimensions and Creating a New ICT Sector To Encompass All' and 'Smartphone Operating Systems And Data Applications Are Flooding 3G Networks " Will 4G Exacerbate the Problem?' Among the distinguished panellists will be: Adrian Pickering, Area VP Middle East and Africa, Juniper; Laurent Delifer, CEO, Navlink; Will Blench, VP and GM, EMEA, Openwave; Brett Butler, Senior Manager Systems Engineering, Avaya; Ihab Ghattas, Assistant President Middle East, Huawei; and Emmanuel Durou, Principal, Value Partners.
In Nigeria, various breeds of cattle breeds commonly found are Muturu, White Fulani, Keteku, N'Dama, Gudali, Red Bororo and Kuri as well as their crosses (Blench, 1994)
While some might blench at the comparison Glitz makes of Galsworthy's Irene with Lawrence's Gertrude Morel, most Lawrentians would agree, I think, that the elder Crich is--mutatis mutandis--the "nearest equivalent to the Galsworthian man of property." However, in the typical early twentieth-century family chronicle, there is a contrast between the Victorian concept of family--or, rather, the modern assumption of what the Victorian concept of family was--and what Galsworthy termed (in A Man of Property) the "terrible call to individualism" of the modern world.