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  • verb

Synonyms for blench

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

Synonyms for blench

turn pale, as if in fear

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The following regression equation developed by Blench was used for sand beds and cohesive to non-cohesive banks
In this paper, we shall explore the negative marking strategies employed by Igbo, a New Benue-Congo Language (Williamson and Blench 2000) spoken in South Eastern Nigeria.
Baker Tilly's secretary, Alison Blench, added: "We were delighted to support the Sunshine fund as our nominated charity during the past 12 months.
Blench and Dendo (2003) record 550 languages as spoken in Nigeria.
High Commissioner of Malaysia and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Madam Datin Blench Olbery.
Among the distinguished panellists will be: Adrian Pickering, Area VP Middle East and Africa, Juniper; Laurent Delifer, CEO, Navlink; Will Blench, VP and GM, EMEA, Openwave; Brett Butler, Senior Manager Systems Engineering, Avaya; Ihab Ghattas, Assistant President Middle East, Huawei; and Emmanuel Durou, Principal, Value Partners.
While some might blench at the comparison Glitz makes of Galsworthy's Irene with Lawrence's Gertrude Morel, most Lawrentians would agree, I think, that the elder Crich is--mutatis mutandis--the "nearest equivalent to the Galsworthian man of property.
Coventry Jaguar Reserves demolished London Road Reserves 5-0, Ricky Jenkins netting a hat-trick well supported by fellow scorers Steven Ramsey and Stewart Blench.
People often blench before using the word "solutions" but that's what machine tools made in the UK these days are: configurations of hardware and software, of automation and machining, that solve a particular problem for a customer.
Instead, they follow his brother Troilus's counsel: "there can be no evasion to blench from this, and to stand firm by honor; We turn not back the silks upon the merchant when we have soiled them.
The GTM languages, although classified as Kwa (Stewart 1989; Williamson and Blench 2000), are a group of 14 languages which have "some vocabulary resemblance to the KWA languages, but the Class system is reminiscent of BANTU" (Westermann and Bryan 1952: 96, caps in original).
Since then, we've had regulations that supposedly prevent whip abuse, and this year the introduction of a new whip entirely: one that cannot mark a horse, meets the approval of the RSPCA, and satisfies, presumably, the green-ink brigade who used to write to everyone they could think of in racing accusing everyone connected with racing of condoning vile cruelty of a sort that would have made Pol Pot blench.
Los tuareg actuales hablan una lengua perteneciente al tronco Afroasiatico (Hayward 2000) mientras la de los fulani pertenece al tronco Niger-congo (Williamson y Blench 2000), separacion de gran importancia en terminos historicos pero de dificil conjugacion con la informacion arqueologica.
A court masque blench, of course, would be a cosmetic achievement.
Austere professors of history may well blench at such a popular account, and the author half-admits that the sub-title is a provocation, but Gristwood uses an impressive array of primary sources, especially Arbella's own letters (written with 'a freedom possible to no other royal woman, and rarely seen again in any woman until comparatively recently').