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Synonyms for blemish

Synonyms for blemish

something that mars the appearance or causes inadequacy or failure

a mark of discredit or disgrace

Synonyms for blemish

mar or spoil the appearance of

mar or impair with a flaw

add a flaw or blemish to


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It is widely believed that the oxidation in pigment cells of skin (melanocytes) causes excessive melanin production, which induces blemishes and brown spots on skin.
Using the Clone Stamp tool, you can replace blemishes with existing, unmarred portions of the image.
The blemishes, intentional and central to the theme, are not brought on by precipitous mishap but by nature.
HERE'S THE right hand of Michelangelo's David; those colored spots and lines mark the cracks, blemishes, and grime that have accumulated over 499 years.
However, visual inspection can't always distinguish harmless blemishes from spots of fecal matter.
Those with credit blemishes, including such obstacles as bankruptcy, can still refinance, but likely at higher rates.
Popping pimples lets bacteria and dead cells spill onto the surface of surrounding skin, which can trigger more blemishes.
said Thursday it has found that a substance found in cigarette smoke causes inflammation when exposed to sunlight, eventually producing blemishes on people's skin.
Doctors recommend medical care for people with deep, painful, or swollen blemishes or with 10 or more blemishes on one side of the face.
I did wonder that if she was to meet me, a few of my blemishes might end up in a book of hers.
While these steps can help to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, a monthly skin, check can help to detect changes in the skin, especially to moles and blemishes, that could signal the early stages of malignant melanoma.
The programs work on pictures taken with digital cameras or on photos shot on film and scanned into digital form, and they'll let you make red-eyed relatives look human again, touch up a picture's blemishes, brighten faded colors, recrop, and even make more-creative changes--like superimposing your pet collie's head over Uncle Charlie's face.
Most earthly creatures suffer from facial blemishes - even top models and movie stars - and most people can't just hide until it goes away.
i was extracting money from a handy bank on Semaphore Road when out of the bank walked two teenage girls tall girls - long legged girls with make up trowelled on nearly thick enough to hide their skin blemishes tall girls with blonde hair & black roots tall girls with huge painted mouths tall girls with fingernail polish that shone in the midday sun
You spread it over the whole area where you have blemishes (not just dabbing it onto each blemish).