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Synonyms for blemished

marred by imperfections

having a blemish or flaw


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Look to see if your skin is dry or oily, clear or blemished, If you find that your diet lacks a whole food, such as full-fat milk, and your skin is dry, try gradually increasing your consumption of milk or milk products and monitor whether the skin becomes less dry and tight.
It rejects any cap or closure blemished with a missing line, deep cut, goemetrical defect, or even just dirt.
Authorities said his 18 months of employment there were blemished by a history of tardiness.
Flat, rectangular panels of generally gray, if peculiarly blemished, steel were attached to the walls of both spaces.
11 WLAN technologies is blemished, but advances in the technology make it possible to implement a WLAN that is more secure than a wired network.