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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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Both the bleep test and the run/walk made participants feel more awake than the control activity, although they felt most awake after the run/walk.
JONATHAN HOGG made history by becoming the first Town player to complete a 'bleep test'.
And he told this week how the bleep test - a fitness technique championed by David Beckham - is the key to remaining in top shape.
* PETER Whittingham led the way in bleep tests against fellow senior professionals.
The series has in the meantime continued its storyline, but with one change: the word "Mohammed" was bleeped out every single time, and the Mohammed character was blocked out with a large sign that stated, "CENSORED".
It's fairly low-tech and only bleeps and flashes its LEDs, but once you've downloaded its database, you just plug and play.
Black-and-white photographs and screenshots illustrate this fascinating exploration of everything from how videogame music evolved from bleeps and boops to full-symphony orchestras to the adventures that might await any truly hardcore gaming fan who dares to shop in Akihabara.
It's then, after five more bleeps, "Shut the heck up" or words to that effect.
Dr Machin said: ``The bleeps that we get are now screened by a senior nurse.
The cute and the catchy have been turned down, the sexy and slinky turned up, her trademark wide-open-mouthed voice transformed into a purr over vibey, downbeat bleeps on "Slow," the single that opens the record.
The youngster was also worried there were no bleeps to tell a blind or partially sighted person when to cross.
So stand by for endless bleeps from your pocket telling you how to get out of debt fast and make $$$$$ from home.
Fox's Herzog insists that the bleeps won't drive the comedy in "Action."
The duo serve up a batch of bleeps and throbs to match the tower's protean changes, but the sound track doesn't stand up on its own.