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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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He said it was bleeping because it was low on battery.
Bleeping Computer reports that the alert also includes an input field which currently doesn't do anything, but in future could allow users to check if their data was exposed when that site's security was compromised.
Bleeping Computer report says the researcher's initial findings have been later confirmed by other security researchers, such as PT Security, TrustedSec, and Emsisoft.
"The bleeping can be irritating but it only takes a second to knock on your neighbour's door or look through the windows to make sure everything is in order," said Phil Lancaster, of Cleveland Fire Brigade.
the light in the lounge Of course, I'm still waiting for bleeping BT to install my superfast bleeping broadband!
Lasers zip through the air, bleeping synthesisers sound and psychedelic images swirl on gigantic screens.
I was just wondering if any of you were going bleeping crackers as well?
Mean-while, signaling through this flood of words and visuals, an instrumental track of free-jazz drums and bleeping Morse code transmits a more cryptic message--between the lines or from a sinking ship.
He added: "We cannot use a bleeping system because we have staggered crossings.
It was a good job I wasn't at work that day or the bleeping would have sent everyone mad!
Don't you just hate it when you can't get a bottle of wine open because of the bleeping closure?
Beneath oversized X-ray cross-sections of the human torso, to the-electronic score of singing electrocardiograms and bleeping heart monitors, the dancers convincingly evoked the mysterious pleasures of the flesh.
One of the biggest flashpoints for critics of "Action" is its use of bleeping to barely disguise four-letter words not usually heard on network television.
$14.95) a feisty, aggressive how-to that calls a spade a bleeping shovel.