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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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the light in the lounge Of course, I'm still waiting for bleeping BT to install my superfast bleeping broadband
As the chef in BBC1's supremely enjoyable Hotel series, David stands head and expletive-deleted shoulders above the rest of the staff for bleeping entertainment value.
No problem for David, until he had to confront his two pet hates - banqueting manager Brian Burchell and bleeping vegetarians.
Well, in vernacular you're familiar with - don't insult our intelligence with your bleeping 'jobs for the boys' fancy title.
You are nothing more than Pardew's convenient, cheap replacement if we get off to a bad start next bleeping season.
He added: "Call 11890 Ltd made the decision to change the format of the advert by bleeping out the term.
The radio giant announced this year that it would institute a policy of "zero tolerance" for indecent content, Despite repeated calls to get an answer about the Green Day bleeping on Clear Channel stations, company representatives were unavailable for comment.
and the root of the word Carroll used to persuade the ref to wind the timer at the end of the USC-Washington game last month (``Run the bleeping clock
Bizarrely, the vocals most closely call to mind Neil Hannon of Divine Comedy and it's mighty odd pairing, over the bleeping, whirring, psychedelic disco sound that Electrobuddha has created.
His device plugs into sets and checks words in thousandths of a second, bleeping out obscenities.
Singing a Beatlesque melody over a bleeping background that would make all Depeche Mode-sters proud, Mishra tells of a callow lad whose bad behavior will never win his affections.
Geoff Bogg couldn't believe his bleeping luck as his pager told him he'd won pounds 3million.
Florist Freda Gillings, 53, had her sleep wrecked by the bleeping from new lights installed next to her bedroom window.
Whistlers have worn armband-like receivers which make a bleeping sound when a linesman presses a button on the shaft of his flag.
Newsreader Anna McCalliog was carpeted yesterday because her tamagochi began bleeping live on air.