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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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The third day of evidence at Dublin Coroner's Court heard shop steward for fire control operators John Whiston emailed the then chief fire officer James Dunphy and his assistant Tadgh O'Shea in February 2007 warning the bleeper system was failing regularly and the problems could "be major unless rectified".
"When foxes went to earth and the terriers were needed, we didn't have bleeper collars to follow their movements underground.
"Then two of the lads went upstairs and the bleeper was going crazy.
CBBC viewers will see Tybalt enter the final stages of My Genius Idea with his Bike Bleeper, an invention which lets cars know when they''re approaching a cyclist.
Without really knowing in which direction I was heading, imagine how delighted I was when the bleeper suddenly went off in my chip detector vehicle.
Of course it will be pre-recorded and I will be buying a brand new bleeper machine.
Let's hope show bosses have got a finger on the bleeper button.
Describing his brother's commitment and passion for the fire service, he said: "When his bleeper went off he would be straight down the stairs."
An onlooker said: "Derek's bleeper went off as his wife was getting ready for the school day.
He said he had not seen Mr Holland, but confirmed the vehicle's warning bleeper, flashing beacon and hazard lights had all been working.
Mr Malcolm told the court: "I know the trucks have a bleeper but you get immune to that as it just becomes part of normal work noise."
But insisting he was calm about the find he joked: "I can only hope whoever listened to my conversations installed an automatic bleeper too."
They would need a new bleeper - after all Shaun's as good at swearing as Gillian is at fainting.