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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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When the bleeper went last night my mum was panicking and crying and it was Kayley who was reassuring her.
But Wednesday's emergency call on Brian's bleeper turned out to be his last.
Speaking just minutes after Kayley was taken into the operating theatre, sister Leanne, 17, said: "We've been praying for that bleeper to go off and now we've got a long, long wait.
She was in a terrible state and refused to leave the house or sleep in case the bleeper went off.
He said: "I am on standby so I just hope my bleeper doesn't go off while I'm away.
A few days after her husband was admitted to the hospital, Mrs A was given the doctor's bleeper number but when she telephoned him, Dr Mahomedaly chatted her up and spoke about her husband in a negative way.
She carries a bleeper around which could go off at any time if a donor is found, and has to reach her team of surgeons within four hours.
If my bleeper goes because there is a kidney available, I need to get to hospital immediately.
Neil has to inject himself with his medication every day and he carries a bleeper in case a donor is found and we have to rush to the hospital," Ann said.
A bleeper records a numeric message code on screen.
Kayley now carries a bleeper and is still waiting for her life-saving operation.
Miss Keir, 38, from Kirkdale, said: ``Kayley is very ill and I have to carry a bleeper around connected to Great Ormond Street in case organs are found for her.
Dr Thurston, 47, was killed - but his wife was rescued by her cousin, Tommy Neil, when he heard her emergency bleeper.