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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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But the bleeped lyrics--"George Bush, leave this world alone," and "George Bush, find yourself another home"--wouldn't even make a prude blush.
The next day, after more Varla Jean and that same poor straight couple with the herpes, I got The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert also bleeped and Personal Best, the early '80s lesbian long-distance runner story that, when it was originally released, we all called Chariots of Fur.
99 and Martyn Wiseman, of maker Downpace Ltd, said: "We've bleeped out the swearing so we don't offend parents of our younger customers.
Although some words were bleeped out, it still broadcast the Scot saying: "I don't see you going out there saying bleeped to people in the street you'd get your *** kicked in.
So there is some irony in the fact that the word "faggot" has been bleeped out of the song on a number of radio stations across the country, presumably because of its indecent nature.
As part of the way to alleviate stress on the wards a new system has been put into place to reduce the number of times the doctor is bleeped.
True, the dirty words are bleeped out, the hooker doesn't cavort onscreen and we never actually see the megamogul's monstrous member.
The impact of it is washed away if it's bleeped out.
AS Sputnik 1 bleeped signals back to Earth in 1957, the Americans' reaction to the news that the Russkies had beaten them into space must also have been bleep-worthy.
The hunky Aussie brought a guy home in 1994's The Sum of Us and bleeped our gaydar in 1991's Proof.
In the Robin Williams movie, Mrs Doubtfire, the machine didn't like a reference to comedy actor Dick Van Dyke - the words "Dick" and Dyke" were both bleeped out.
The track ends with Ray's bleeped, expletive-laden Ozzy impression that he called "probably the easiest to do since Ed Sullivan.
The British version of the show's language is as harsh as its view of politics, so expect large gaps to get bleeped out.
When this was shown on American TV, Chef Ramsay as they call him, not only had all his f***s bleeped out, they also had to blur his mouth as well to protect the sensibilities of any God-fearing lip-readers.
4" will look at bleeped ad-libs, recalcitrant animals, uncontrollable giggling, newscasters in panic, malfunctioning props, forgotten lines and pratfalls.