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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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The children also said they felt better after doing the run/walk but reported no difference in the way they felt after completing the bleep test, compared to the control activity.
This is then combined with in-field support and training provided by Bleep for each of the 10 sites through-out the duration of event, until the Euro 2016 final on the 10th July.
This means that all you need to do is plug your phone or tablet to Bleep and all your data starts getting backed up automatically as it charges.
Lee Landau, Bleep eebag Divisional Director said, “I am excited to see our customers realise the win-win of immediately measureable cost and plastic bag resource reduction, enhancing the shopper experience and shrinking the harmful environmental impact of disposable plastic so dramatically whilst making the economics work for all stakeholders in a controlled and compliant way.
Participants much reach each line before the next bleep.
It's hard to easily categorize William Arnitz, Betsy Chasse And Mark Vicente collaboratively written What The Bleep Do We Know?
The Ulsterman explained: 'He started by calling me a 'fat bleep, bleep, bleep', but it's all done in a friendly way and I know he has my best interests at heart.
The opening statement of A Love Supreme is heard immediately following a scene in which the protagonist, jazz trumpeter Bleep Gilliam (played by Denzel Washington), has asked Indigo Downs (Joie Lee), one of the two women he has been involved with throughout the film, to marry him.
At the risk of inciting another potty-mouthed outrage by wrinkled yob Roy Hodgson, his side looked a bit bleep in midweek.
The Trust is seeking to award a contract for the provision of a full short-range two-way main bleep system and full short-range two-way stand-by bleep system for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes, a number of short range bleeps, ultra high frequency (UHF) transmitters (all inclusive), as well as a maintenance/support contract to include service, repairs and replacements of the bleeps for the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHFT).
I had a basket of goods which I was duly checking out with that awful "bleep, bleep bleeping" as they are passed over the electronic reader.
As the test proceeds, the interval between each bleep reduces, forcing the athlete to increase speed over the course of the test, and completion is rare.
com)-- Bleep UK PLC has installed a new EPOS system for the Fruit Exchange, a new convenience concept centred on fresh fruit produce.
They used the bleep test - where participants have to run laps at increasing speed until they can no longer keep up with the bleep - to test fitness levels among children.
If they bleep it, oh well, I'll just say it someplace else.