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Synonyms for bleep

a short high tone produced as a signal or warning


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emit a single short high-pitched signal

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The children also said they felt better after doing the run/walk but reported no difference in the way they felt after completing the bleep test, compared to the control activity.
This means that all you need to do is plug your phone or tablet to Bleep and all your data starts getting backed up automatically as it charges.
Officers will be expected to pass the bleep test on an annual basis.
John Wellman, Chairman of Bleep UK PLC said, “This is an exciting product, new to the UK and designed with the 2015 plastic bag levy in mind, to reduce retailer plastic bag consumption, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.” After its launch at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Bleep eebag is now available through either rental or purchase options and can be integrated into any point of sale, whether new or existing.
Here are some tips to help you do just that: Bleep test plus: Apply the test to long-distance runs, interval training, cycling up and down hills, swimming with different strokes, aerobic classes, spin, outdoor fitness classes or circuit training.
Yet figures obtained by the Sunday Mercury under the Freedom of Information Act show that three officers have failed these tests over the last three years - two officers failed their bleep test in 2011, with another one failing in 2012.
I explained to him and said: "Baba this is gold and it is money, you take it back to your wife or sell it and take the money to buy a second-hand bleep."
Six hours and counting to media deadline and the Tin Man can be heard across the agency banging his pots and pans, cursing those [bleep, bleep, bleeping] creatives and their [bleeping] big [bleeping] ideas!
The sounds of the beginning and end of the words remain audible, giving the impression that the bleep is masking an offensive word.
"What the Bleep is Going on Here?" is a collection of essays and ramblings about his opinions about the world and life in general, giving his ideas and thoughts about how the world is and how the world should be.
If they don't go 'bleep bleep bleep' when you pass them, then you're not allowed in.
"(Bleep) bless you, ma'am," said a character in a censored version of The Queen.
And so the FCC now censors and chills political speech--even that of the president, for most broadcast outlets did choose to bleep him for fear of fines.