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Synonyms for bleed

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Synonyms for bleed

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

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Synonyms for bleed

lose blood from one's body

get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

drain of liquid or steam

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(11) noted a serum platelet count of 194x[10.sup.9]/L in patients suffering a post-biopsy bleed versus 257x[10.sup.9]/L in patients who did not (P < 0.001).
Featuring lifelike simulations at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, two free "Stop the Bleed" events taught the public how to handle life-threatening bleeding incidents.
This retrospective cohort study sought to answer the question: "Does PPI co-therapy decrease the rate of serious upper GI bleeds in patients taking warfarin?" Researchers examined rates of hospitalization for upper GI bleeding for Medicare and Medicaid patients taking warfarin with and without PPI cotherapy (tracked via prescription fill dates).
Yet societal taboos around open discussion of vaginal bleeding mean that many young women are not even told that they will bleed every month, let alone be able to manage it hygienically and with dignity, due to the absence of clean water, sanitation, and supplies of soap and sanitary products, say the authors.
However, about half the bleeds were gastrointestinal bleeding events.
The proportion of study participants suffering bleeds requiring hospital admission rose from 1.5% per year for those under 65 to 3.5% for those aged 75 to 84, the research showed.
"When a person without haemophilia bleeds, normal levels of clotting factor - a protein in the blood - causes the blood to clot and the bleeding to stop.
"When a person without hemophilia bleeds, normal levels of clotting factor - a protein in the blood - causes the blood to clot and the bleeding to stop.
Twenty were excluded because they were primary bleeds, leaving a total of 112 patients in the study.
Until now, there is no recommendation about the optimum dosage of rFVIIa for the management of bleeds in patients with thrombocytopenia related to hematologic malignancies following HSCT.
In all my pregnancies, I suffered bleeds and premature labor, forcing me to be on leave from work and bedridden starting the third month.
The median annualized bleeding rate (ABR) was 2.0 (0.0 for spontaneous bleeds and joint bleeds).
Of the 3,456 patients that remained after excluding loss due to non-survival and those with valvular disorders or surgery, 53 (1.5 %) incurred major bleeds within 1 year.
Most bleeds reported by 104 boys aged 4--18 years were not preceded by sports activities.