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someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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I've followed every step in the TM, but Soldiers keep coming back to the shop with leaky or broken bleeder valves.
Two clips that were deployed at the surrounding mucosa of the arterial bleeder were sufficient for occlusion in our case.
The radiator insulation panels fit behind your radiators and stop heat being wasted in heating your walls, while the auto bleeder lets the air out of your radiator, maintaining energy efficiency in your central heating system.
020" bleeder blade, are crafted from stainless steel.
When the pack failed to control the epistaxis the patient would be taken to theatre for localisation of the bleeder and diathermy, or endoscopic sphenopalatine artery ligation.
Trouble is, he's a slow bleeder, and the battle of wicked wits between two once-decent people bent on self-preservation grows quite enjoyably vicious and gory.
He is known as a fainter, a sneezer and a bleeder, and is often referred to (and not with particular affection) as "Speed Bump.
With its never-before-seen blade design and triple bleeder holes doubling as detents for its sheath, this dagger is like nothing else on the planet.
GlobeTec Incorporated is a manufacturer of bleeder and breather cloths used in vacuum bag curing of composites for the aerospace industry.
The San Francisco Chronicle, like the Times, was owned by a local family who had grown tired of splitting profits with a deep-pocketed circulation bleeder that showed no signs of trying very hard.
She turns out to be the wife of a decorated local cop (James Remar), who, as part of some vigilante group, is wracked with guilt over an accidental shooting Co-scripted by Last Exit To Brooklynauthor Hubert Selby Jr and the Dutch director Nicolas Winding Refn making his English language debut after the grimly intense Bleeder, it drips with a sense of menacing paranoia that evokes Lynch, Kubrick and Polanski and such films as Blow Out and The Conversation.
Typical applications include drilling piston ports in a hydraulic motor, drilling bleeder holes in door closers, milling keyways and oil grooves in bushings, and drilling air holes in vacuum molds.
The most important measures involved in capturing that gas are the butterfly valves in the bleeder stacks," continues Gallagher.
You've probably seen someone attempt to stop a bleeder by "boiling" it for a long time with the tip of the cautery device submerged in blood.
Tenders are invited for Bleeder Screw Godrej Part No.