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someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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But it is unclear whether or not this has something to do with his visit to the bleeder den with Quinn.
You're always giving me tapes with new recordings and different versions of Bleeder demos.
These models generally assume that resin pressure is equal to the applied pressure without considering the role of the bleeder plies [14, 17].
The 'Bleeder' nickname is appropriate because Chuck mostly bleeds here, literally and (especially) metaphorically: like Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw , his great talent as a boxer lies in being able to take a punch, again and again -- and his life also consists of taking punches, though admittedly it's mostly his own fault.
The uvex sportsline can also be suitable for ESD areas due to the bleeder resistor under 35 megaohms, together with the SRC-certified slip resistance and a lightly indented arch.
The availability of the nasal endoscope has been a boon to the otolaryngologist, since it not only helps in proper visualisation but also offers a direct mode of treatment to the area that is now accessible.P) Probabilities of finding bleeder during active bleeding are the single most important steps in our study.
The movie, along with another Toronto festival film, "The Bleeder," follows last year's critically acclaimed "Creed," Jake Gyllenhaal's "Southpaw" and Robert De Niro's new movie "Hands of Stone," about legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran.
Two main blades will open to a 1 7/8-inch cutting diameter upon contact, which will be followed up by two bleeder blades that feature a 1 7/8-inch cut This gives bowhunters a vertical and a horizontal cut no matter what the angle of Impact is.
Watts and Schreiber recently wrapped the movie The Bleeder about heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner who went an epic 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in 1975.
The Sangrador ("bleeder" in Spanish) features a 5.5-inch dual-edged SK5 steel dagger-style blade with a non-slip G10 handle and MOLLE-compatible sheath.
The company expanded its offering to include kits for repairing and replacing air conditioning, brake, coolant, and transmission lines as well as specialty tools including brake line flaring tools, fuel injection cleaners, fuel pressure testers, hose clamp kits, and brake bleeder removal kits.
Next, loosen the caliper bleeder screw and lightly reseat it.
Then he examines each of the director's films in chronological order, beginning with the Pusher trilogy, then looking at Bleeder, Fear X, Nemesis, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, Drive, and Only God Forgives each in turn.
TOM: The final place you could lose fluid is at the bleeder.