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Synonyms for bleed

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Synonyms for bleed

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

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Synonyms for bleed

lose blood from one's body

get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

drain of liquid or steam

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Unintentional bleed off occurs when there are leaking drain valves, poorly adjusted water levels and sumps that are undersized so that they over flow when the system is shut down.
* "Cruz needs to make a big move, and now, to keep his Tea Party base energized and bleed off some Chamber of Commerce Rs from Dewhurst."
Our product allows the engine to bleed off excess heat and keeps the engine compartment cooler,” states Dave Gibbons, Sales and Operations Director.
Interestingly, the images bleed off the sides--which creates an experience of the works that is different from a more conventional presentation with margins all around.
The crew heard a loud bang followed by the #2 hydraulic system quantity rapidly decreasing and the pressure starting to bleed off. The crew took all appropriate actions to successfully extend the gear.
After sputter coating, a conductive copper adhesive tape is used to bleed off any electron charge that may build up on the sample surface.
If we take the raw values from the middle part of the signal (hold pressure and bleed off) and remove the ROV and bleeding off gas activity, we get the leak signature, as seen in figure 4.
Close the connected D-1 nozzle and let the pressure bleed off for three minutes.
And for a moment, we imagined the other coaches, or Pac-10 officials, watching the scene and wishing they could open a valve and bleed off some of the Trojan aura.
By laying the driver lengthwise along the servo motor, the power transistors use the motor casing as a heat sink to bleed off excess heat.
We don't use sangria, except in rain vintages, when we will bleed off 10% of the juice.
Another dairying term, "bleed off," refers to a sign that a cow has properly been through a heat cycle; the date can be recorded and used to help determine when she was bred.
You can turn on the main water supply valve and then bleed off air using each individual shut-off valve.
Of equal or greater concern of the Roth IRA provision, if enacted, is the "bleed off effect, " the source said.