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Synonyms for bleed

Synonyms for bleed

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for bleed

lose blood from one's body

get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

drain of liquid or steam

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Enlarged veins (varices) at the lower end of the esophagus may rupture and bleed massively.
Each year in the United States, around 50,000 people bleed to death due to gunshot wounds, accidents, or other causes.
These results indicate that (1) post-tonsillectomy bleeding occurs in approximately 1 of 20 adults independent of individual patient characteristics, (2) more than half of patients who bleed are likely to require a procedure to control their hemorrhage, and (3) the need for transfusion is distinctly unlikely.
Smiths Aerospace has been awarded a contract to supply the bleed air and anti-ice subsystems on the Embraer Phenom 300 for more than 400 aircraft.
The HemCon(R) Dental Dressing also performed very well on patients who were on bloodthinners, who normally bleed for longer times.
Taken together, these studies suggest that BAY 79-4980 may be a longer-acting factor VIII product that could provide bleed protection with once-weekly infusion.
Nonendoscopic treatment can be recommended for upper gastrointestinal bleeding developing in hospitalized patients who do not meet established criteria for a clinically important bleed.
A former Los Angeles police officer accused of letting North Hollywood bank robber Emil Matasareanu bleed to death testified Tuesday that the wounded gunman wanted to die.
Despite the violence of the crime, Matasareanu's family believes it is entitled to hold the city liable, claiming officers deliberately let him bleed to death.
Increasingly, younger patients are prescribed prophylaxis regimens with these products to prevent bleeding, rather than receiving treatment at the time of a bleed ("on-demand").
Mortality from acute variceal bleeding in these patients ranges from 25% to 35% during the first year after the index bleed, and recurrence rates for bleeding approach 70%, he said at a meeting on endoscopy sponsored by the New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.
People with severe hemophilia live in fear of cuts and bruises, which bleed profusely and require prompt injections of expensive medication.