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  • verb

Synonyms for bleed

Synonyms for bleed

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for bleed

lose blood from one's body

get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

drain of liquid or steam

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Through the person of Carlos Magno, an indigenous man, Rufin asks why the restoration of a Portuguese colonial church in Itabaiana is being financed by UNESCO and the Gulbenkian Foundation when children are being killed and developing countries are being bled dry.
Instead, the United States launched an unnecessary and unwise invasion of Iraq, where it is being bled dry while providing Islamic militants with unlimited recruiting and propaganda opportunities.
According to Josephus, after Herod's death representatives of the Jewish aristocracy went to Rome to plead for the country, as it had been bled dry by taxes.
I wonder how much the government and car industry think they can milk from the motorist who is being bled dry by demands from all sides?
The amendment ensures $10 billion in state relief to avert Medicaid cuts that would have bled dry the already fiscally ailing nursing home industry, leaving elderly and disabled residents without quality care.
And so for a generation, the city's neighborhoods have been bled dry, shelling out massive tax outlays to pay the salaries of the highest-paid public officials in the country and underwriting some of the most expensive boondoggles.
As an industry, we are making major leaps into alternate care services, which could help to curb the expenses that some components of the healthcare market have bled dry.
In another post around the same time - again badlythe sam spelled - he added: "Look at the country bled dry.
Because of the council's failure to fulfil its obligations and convene a meeting, residents of Berwick and the other market town are still being bled dry in parking charges.
But they're a sneaky lot as they've convinced a sizeable number of the electorate, not least those who don't earn much themselves, that they're being bled dry by those on benefits, specifically housing benefit.
Thompson, have been bled dry by the monarchy for the last 60 years into handing over even further treasure to an unelected aloof gang who do not connect in any way with ordinary peoples lives.
We can only hope that we will not have all been bled dry before Labour starts doing what is right and fights for ordinary families struggling to make ends meet.
I think it would be far better to leave the EU now rather than sit back and watch the crews in charge of the countries concerned impotently twiddling their thumbs and umming and arring rather than waiting until our already damaged economies have bled dry to prop up others and the oncoming disaster grows ever worse.
It was always an inevitability, however, that Welsh music would rise - mainly as every other scene in every other corner of the UK had been built up, bled dry and left to wither by the insatiable advances of a scene-hungry music press.
But Iranian officials also say the Americans have been bled dry by their Iraqi policy because they have lost $1.