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  • verb

Synonyms for bleed

Synonyms for bleed

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

Synonyms for bleed

lose blood from one's body

get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

drain of liquid or steam

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References in classic literature ?
Mousqueton's horse which had traveled for five or six hours without a rider the day before, might have been able to pursue the journey; but by an inconceivable error the veterinary surgeon, who had been sent for, as it appeared, to bleed one of the host's horses, had bled Mousqueton's.
At the hospital they had bled him too much, treating him for yellow fever.
The latter scram- bled in wild and torturing haste.
As to Athos, his face aflame, his fists clinched, his lips bitten till they bled, he sat there foaming with rage at that endless parliamentary insult and that long enduring royal patience; the inflexible arm and steadfast heart had given place to a trembling hand and a body shaken by excitement.
Colbert tore his ruffles to pieces in his rage, and bit his lips till they bled.
He was lying in the scuppers, holding on to a nose that bled, while Troop looked down on him serenely.
So he bled and bled until he felt his strength slipping away from him.