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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

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Currently, pneumothoraces are believed to arise from a combination of emphysema-like changes, which are blebs and bullae, and abnormalities in the structure of the lung called pleural porosity.
Fluid is injected under the dermis at a 5-15 degree angle (as shown in Figure 2) so that a blister, papule or bleb is formed (Figure 3).
Inspect the cast and remove any bumps or blebs of dental stone on the teeth or on the anatomical portion.
Results: Over 70 per cent of salmonellae interacting within 300 nm with ileal epithelial cells developed numerous surface blebs of periplasmic extensions designated "periplasmic organelles" (POs).
The Eel Bed of the Kokomo Limestone contains sedimentary structures that include bird's-eye (fenestrate) structures, algal mats, gypsum/anhydrite blebs and pseudomorphs, penecontemporaneous dolomite, and intraformational storm tide deposits, that we interpret as indicative of a supratidal (Shinn 1983; Hardie & Shinn 1986) depositional environment.
When hydrothorax was investigated by surgery or pleuroscopy, these discontinuities appeared as blisters or blebs on the diaphragmatic pleuroperitoneum.
3) consists of 10YR4/6 (Munsell 1954), yellowish brown, laminated calcareous diamicton containing 10YR4/4, weak, red, blebs.
Bartonella quintana invades and multiplies within endothelial cells in vitro and in vivo and forms intracellular blebs.
Emphysema occurs when the walls of the alveoli-or tiny air sacs -- in the lungs are damaged and coalesce to form inefficient blebs, causing shortness of breath.
organelles) are distributed among the blebs, which increase in size.
I only wish I had this book when my son was born as I developed blebs (blisters) on my breasts and not one book I had in my library had any information at all on this.
In moist gangrene, the affected area becomes swollen, livid and covered in blebs.