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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

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The histopathologic features corresponding to the most common cause of pneumothorax are bullae and blebs.
Apical stapling and resection was performed even when no blebs were found.
4) 230 million years ago This small bleb of amber from New Mexico was probably formed by the extinct primitive conifer Araucarioxylon.
Peripheral smear and bone marrow aspirate showed a predominant population (90%) of medium-sized cells with moderate amount of light basophilic agranular cytoplasm with occasional cytoplasmic blebs, and slightly eccentric nucleus with relatively regular nuclear margins, less condensed chromatin and a single centrally placed nucleolus (Figure 1).
Another mechanism for the pneumothorax, as proposed by Sandor and Tolas, is that nitrous oxide administration may have caused expansion of preexisting blebs, causing them to rupture, either alone or during a coughing episode.
We also found that most cells produce blebs on their surface during cell division in both RNAi-treated and control cells.
Subpleural blebs are identified, most often found at the apex of the upper lobe but occasionally in the apex of the superior segment or along the edge of a fissure.
Close examination of the calcite revealed that the black bits were of three kinds: blebs of pyroxene, more or less euhedral crystals of spinel, and shiny, black, hexagonal crystals that were identified as hogbomite (about a hundred years later).
It is remarkable that these are the very nuclear antigens present in the blebs in the surface of apoptotic cells, which are the precursors of apoptotic bodies (16).
The host rocks have been locally altered to a skarn mineral assemblage and the gold mineralization occurs as coarse blebs and aggregates together with fine disseminations associated with quartz/carbonate veins which cross-cut the skarn.
We believe that SOLX Gold Micro-Shunt products offer a significant advancement in the treatment of glaucoma by eliminating blebs and bleb-related complications," said Doug Adams, President of the OccuLogix glaucoma division.
Examination of bite marks, blebs, blisters, sloughing, gangrene, necrosis.