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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

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Morphologic classification of filtering blebs after glaucoma filtration surgery: The Indiana Bleb Appearance Grading Scale.
Two days later, no blebs were found on chest computed tomography, which also showed that the right lung was fully expanded.
Like a water balloon at max capacity, the tissue at the top of the organ had stretched under the weight of the lungs below, causing a large bleb to fissure.
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax is mainly caused by the rupture of a bleb or of a bulla [5].
Through the follow-up period of the study, the majority of patients in the successful group presented shallow blebs (H1 rate decreasing from 91% to 57% and 52% at 1M, 3M, and 12M, resp.) (Table 1).
[3] reported that the rate of graft dislocation in eyes with prior filtering surgery (9%) was significantly higher than that in eyes without prior filtering surgery (2%); they specifically mentioned that eyes with early postoperative hypotony of less than 7 mmHg showed significant graft detachment than eyes with normotony of more than 7 mmHg, even among eyes with blebs. They speculated that eyes with lower IOP in the early postoperative period offered less resistance to corneal deformation, allowing graft detachment with the application of minimal external force, such as simple lid pressure, squeezing, or a position change.
Surgery has been used to eradicate blebs from the skin, soft tissue, or GI tract; however, the blebs eventually recur.
These included, for PDS, 5-FU subconjunctival injections (when signs of bleb failure were noticed, such as new, tortuous vessels, and hyperemia at filtering bleb or encapsulation), suture lysis (performed within 14 days with argon laser, when tight sutures on deep scleral flap prevented subconjunctival filtration), and needling (in case of encapsulated and flat blebs, which caused elevated IOP).
The Borrelia burgdorferi organism, a spirochete, similar but different from the organism causing syphilis, has been shown to release blebs once it is introduced into body tissues, that contain outer surface proteins (Osps).
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax results from rupture of sub pleural emphysematous blebs that are usually located in the apices of the lung.
Many agree upon the theory that ascitic fluid passes directly through diaphragmatic defects (either congenital or acquired), which constitute direct pleuroperitoneal communications in the form of holes or blebs [3-5].
examined the expression of MMPs and TIMPs in the blebs forming around Molteno implants by immunocytochemistry [10].
(17) injected 0.03 mL of 40 mg/mL TA directly into the blebs of 6 eyes undergoing trabeculectomy.