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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

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DOE-FAWN MAGNET FAWN BLEATS It's no secret that if you want to fill a freezer with venison, fawn-distress calls are a good way to do it.
Soft, plaintive doe bleats can be almost too effective, since the does will often respond before the buck comes into range.
The male bleats revealed reliable information about body size, whether big and husky or small and puny.
The flexible membrane makes it possible to produce realistic buck grunts and doe or fawn bleats by simply applying pressure to the call with your finger.
Yes, he bleats about agreeing to sell but we all know he places barriers against prospective buyers.
Grunts, bleats, and bawls are vocalizations deer use for various purposes.
With its balanced reed design and a hardwood soundboard that won't freeze in cold weather, the Slam Talker produces ultra-realistic deer vocalizations, from deep tending buck grunts to estrous doe and fawn bleats.
I also like to combine grunts and bleats to create the sounds of a serious chase.
London, June 17 (ANI): An American researcher has shown that female giant pandas can tell one male's love calls from those of others, taking the first step towards proving that females among the animals use these bleats to choose their mates.
Even the greenest hunter quickly accepts grunts, snorts and bleats as bona fide deer talk.
On the single, Charlotte bleats about the pressure of constantly being hounded by photographers.
s prestigious Mercury Prize last year, flips the format with an audacious, truly urban sound full of paranoid electronic pulses and short synth bleats inspired not by the rap blueprint created in the early '90s by Dr.
For example, it does not hibernate and, instead of roaring, it bleats.
As Eric left the area, Primos quickly made a couple estrus doe bleats with his Primos Can call.