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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

References in classic literature ?
With a parting bleat it dashed off into the jungle.
The goat seated himself on his hind quarters, and began to bleat, waving his fore feet in so strange a manner, that, with the exception of the bad French, and worse Latin, Jacques Charmolue was there complete,--gesture, accent, and attitude.
The Buck Commander produces estrus doe bleats as well as buck grunts and growls.
Actually introduced in 2009, the Bone Collector Series Buck Collector is gaining a following as it is capable of producing multiple whitetail sounds from grunts and wheezes to bleats and distress bawls depending on which button you push.
You can inhale or exhale to produce grunts, hyper grunts, or doe bleats.
Perhaps other people were culpable to a degree, but her father's bleats about shifting the blame on to social services are pathetic, raising the question of where was he and the rest of Carla-Nicole's family while she endured a life of misery, culminating in herdeath?
But he does not have the skill and the class of a De La Hoya, and his stream of insults will go down as the empty bleats of a lesser man.
With the Rack Blaster[TM] you can make a variety of buck grunts--including the hyperventilating grunts of a buck trailing a doe--doe grunts, and fawn bleats.
You can add inflection, pitch and tone by varying the pressure of your bite to create convincing doe bleats and buck grunts.
Once you've got it set up, a simple twist of your wrist is all that's needed to produce perfect doe bleats every time.
This was my first peek into the vortex of celebrity," bleats the hack.
At one point, Yeats bleats, ``I'm on the verge of a breakdown'' - and if he didn't announce it, we wouldn't know.
By squeezing labeled buttons on the barrel, you can produce mature and young buck growls, grunts, and snort-wheezes, plus doe bleats and fawn bawls (Flextone Game Calls, 1-866-995-4263, www.
In some ways it's like having my own little doll," bleats the former Spice Girl, who poses, semi-naked, for a series of photographs including one in which, inexplicably, the baby is perched on her back.
Visitors to the permanent exhibit in Germany won't hear any bleats, but the creatures do ring.