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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

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talk whiningly

cry plaintively

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The observers also counted the total number of low-pitched bleats (bleats involving little mouth movement) and high-pitched bleats (bleats involving full mouth movement) emitted by each lamb and by the ewe [15,21].
The Doe Next Door Micro Heat Bleat Call produces estrous bleats or fawn bleats by swapping out O-rings.
The second-most-common doe call consists of two-toned "come here" bleats. These could be interpreted as more insistent, as you'll normally hear them when traveling does are encouraging lagging fawns, relocating fawns that have wandered or keeping fawns close when near other deer (such as on bait, where even does can become aggressive toward rivals for food).
Whitetail calls come in many flavors, including grunts, snort-wheezes, bleats, and rattling antlers.
As the footballing world bleats about burn-out, while even Rafa Benitez and Roberto Mancini claim they do not have big enough squads, Allardyce has done us all a favour by telling it as it is.
Instead of his usual bleats of protest he should acknowledge the huge investments made into Newcastle and rather actually concentrate on sorting out the failings of this city council of which the Audit Commission recently judged its regeneration performance as one star, with uncertain prospects for improvement.
He says that bleats are just one type of call made by the distinctive black and white members of the bear family.
It is like a goat nursery over here the racket of bleats
Being an inhale/exhale call, even the hyperventilating-tending grunt sound can be achieved, and higher-pitched lusty doe bleats and lost-contact bleats are made by simply inhaling into the call: $25; (479) 782-8971;
THE Government bleats and blames the enormous costs of the NHS, education and pensions as the reason for crippling taxation.
she bleats. She reproached the Shepherd for the sake of his
Their recorders captured 99 double knocks that match old accounts of ivory-billeds 'hammering' on trees, and they picked up 210 tinny bleats resembling past descriptions of the birds' "kent" calls.
Few, if any, other league clubs would have kept such a loyal set of supporters and the gates show that breaking even isn't such a miracle as Ellis bleats on about.
"I'm in my underwear for half the movie," bleats the po-faced Ms Paltrow.
Grunts, bleats, and bawls are vocalizations deer use for various purposes.