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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

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The bleaters who moan about Chelsea's dominance are ignoring the fact that the old "big three" have not so much shot themselves in the foot as blasted both legs off.-I HOPE you are enjoying your humble pie.
But I was not going to argue with such an august organization like the EU on such trivial matters "Well OK, I am not fussed where the bleaters die.
We're all entitled to a five-minute letting-off-steam period, during which it should be legally allowable to say anything about anyone without fear of court proceedings, but don't you just hate the real bleaters.
This is the greatest threat we have faced since WWII and the sooner these liberal bleaters realise this the better.
The reason why Martin O'Neill's team go into today's game against Rangers full of confidence is the self- pitying inferiority complex of the last few years has gone along with the bleaters like Jorge Cadete, Paolo di Canio and the soon- to-be-shifted malcontent Eyal Berkovic.
He's good enough even to dismiss the growing platoon of bleaters who suggest he bends the rules to snapping point at the ruck.
And it seems to be the same bleaters about 'political correctness gone mad' who are more likely to run to some ambulancechasing lawyer should they or their children have a slight ankle sprain whilst walking.
No matter the repercussions, we must defend freedom of speech, ignoring the bully boys and bleaters who would batten down the hatches of our open society.
That's why I won't be joining the band of bleaters who say he always lets us down when the going gets tough.
Of course, the usual band of naysayers and bleaters have done all they can to thwart the event.