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Synonyms for bleat

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Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

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High-pitched bleats are often emitted when the ewe and lambs are separated and may indicate a degree of need [14].
The Doe Next Door Micro Heat Bleat Call produces estrous bleats or fawn bleats by swapping out O-rings.
Other hunters report good success with it, so it's definitely worth trying if a bleat won't attract a cruising buck.
"My child pesters me for sweets blah, blah, blah...'', "Walking past sweets with a child is really hard bleat, bleat, bleat..."
Then let's not hear a single bleat about fixture scheduling or injury crises.
Belfield has signed exclusive rights with award-winning Northern Ireland ice cream specialist Mullins to distribute Bally Bleat goat's milk ice cream to British retailers.
One of those afternoons I heard a plaintive bleat from down the wooded slope, and finally saw a youngling goat emerge from the box elders.
Melbourne, Sept 15 (ANI): Giant Pandas make bleat calls to attract potential mates, finds a new study.
But if you are going to bleat about a dubious decision, Harry Redknapp showed how to do it on Sunday, when he accepted Chris Foy had not deliberately erred in awarding Tottenham a penalty and pleaded for video replays to be made available for key decisions.
That doesn't mean you have to blatantly bleat, "Ugh--what were you thinking?
The abuses, sacrileges, and irreverences in the official Church structure continue to go on, and many of the bishops remain silent and deaf to the bleat of their own sheep.
Deer responding to a soft bleat by raising their heads, will often approach and investigate the source of the call.
The Yorkshire Dales Through the hedge, a sound occurred The bleat of a goat without its herd; And through a tiny gap, just as I feared I spied the fringes of a goaty beard; It seemed quite clear to me what he was relaying 'Help!' he seemed to be repeatedly saying.
Featuring the Micro Heat Bleat Call and Stretchback Grunt Call, the Rut Pack from Duel Game Calls ($47.99; is a handy combination pack that will cover any calling need a hunter will have in the stand during the rut.