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Synonyms for bleat

Synonyms for bleat

the sound of sheep or goats (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

talk whiningly

cry plaintively

References in classic literature ?
With a parting bleat it dashed off into the jungle.
The goat seated himself on his hind quarters, and began to bleat, waving his fore feet in so strange a manner, that, with the exception of the bad French, and worse Latin, Jacques Charmolue was there complete,--gesture, accent, and attitude.
My uncle gave a kind of broken cry like a sheep's bleat, flung up his arms, and tumbled to the floor like a dead man.
In the second, the slave-morality, it is the lamb which, looking up from the sward, bleats dissentingly: "Eating lamb is evil.
Featuring the Micro Heat Bleat Call and Stretchback Grunt Call, the Rut Pack from Duel Game Calls ($47.
Knight & Hale's EZ Doe Bleat Plus is an example of a call producing this sound.
Those skilled hunters who can bleat with their voices would do well on muleys.
Walking past sweets with a child is really hard bleat, bleat, bleat.
Belfield has signed exclusive rights with award-winning Northern Ireland ice cream specialist Mullins to distribute Bally Bleat goat's milk ice cream to British retailers.
Melbourne, Sept 15 (ANI): Giant Pandas make bleat calls to attract potential mates, finds a new study.
On occasion, I've been known to shop at open air markets where I expect to have someone bleat the benefits of their wares.
But if you are going to bleat about a dubious decision, Harry Redknapp showed how to do it on Sunday, when he accepted Chris Foy had not deliberately erred in awarding Tottenham a penalty and pleaded for video replays to be made available for key decisions.
That doesn't mean you have to blatantly bleat, "Ugh--what were you thinking?
The abuses, sacrileges, and irreverences in the official Church structure continue to go on, and many of the bishops remain silent and deaf to the bleat of their own sheep.