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tired to the point of exhaustion

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Playing the bleary-eyed single father of a talky 2-year-old, writer-director-actor Mark Webber fills the sippy cup less than halfway with "The End of Love," which too often toddles over the fine line between cute and cloying before finding its footing in the final reel.
The bleary-eyed star had swapped the Coronation Street cobbles for a night on the tiles at the Broadcast Awards and certainly looked to be enjoying himself.
But as the leaders sift through the rubble today to see who heads off, all bleary-eyed, for Mrs Windsor's place, surely they can't but help wonder if it's all been worth the effort.
GETAWAY: He tries to make quick exit from cab SIP IDOL: Bleary-eyed Gareth prepares to head home after his hectic night out UNDIE COVER: Singer tries to shy away
Each scene in The Band's concert doc The Last Waltz is filled with melancholy all tangled up in this infectious bleary-eyed love, like every second the musicians are on stage exists to squeeze out the maximum amount of familial warmth.
After an extended weekend "conference" of drinking in the elixir of cooperation, dealing the cards of consensus, and sharing the naked truth of bureaucracy, the bleary-eyed and staggering survivors announced the results.
Luckily, help was at hand in the shape of a male friend who bear-hugged a bleary-eyed Ifans.
Turn-out at events such as Stockton Borough Council's recent carbon reduction breakfast, which served up simple ideas for energy saving to more than a hundred bleary-eyed delegates, demonstrate just how far the environmental lobby has come in bringing firms on side.
Bewildered muggle parents may find themselves being dragged out to Tescos at midnight, dressed in capes and waving wands, and bleary-eyed eager readers will then stumble into classrooms (and staffrooms) the following morning desperate to tell their friends how Harry slew Hermione in an unfortunate bout of jealousy.
Now, we're walking the mall like zombies,'' said Maghsoudi, 23, of Sherman Oaks, who persuaded a bleary-eyed friend to purchase three pairs of pajamas.
In recent years, allergy sufferers have spent billions to avoid itchy noses and bleary-eyed suffering, and anxious parents have demanded that schools and airplanes ban nuts.
They woke bleary-eyed festival goers with their blend of folk, ska and punk - created with two acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and a ukulele.
Rumblings of other hot tickets like the Rakes, Art Brut, and the Ark surfaced after a day or so of show-hopping and comparing notes with the bleary-eyed in line at Las Manitas for breakfast each morning.
A sunny stroll later and they were back in the limo and off - for that hangover fry-up like a bleary-eyed Insider maybe?
The thing's going to get built," said a bleary-eyed Garforth, president and CEO of the Garforth Group, after an all-night drive from Sault Ste.