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Synonyms for bleary-eyed

tired to the point of exhaustion

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Each scene in The Band's concert doc The Last Waltz is filled with melancholy all tangled up in this infectious bleary-eyed love, like every second the musicians are on stage exists to squeeze out the maximum amount of familial warmth.
Luckily, help was at hand in the shape of a male friend who bear-hugged a bleary-eyed Ifans.
Now, we're walking the mall like zombies,'' said Maghsoudi, 23, of Sherman Oaks, who persuaded a bleary-eyed friend to purchase three pairs of pajamas.
In recent years, allergy sufferers have spent billions to avoid itchy noses and bleary-eyed suffering, and anxious parents have demanded that schools and airplanes ban nuts.
They woke bleary-eyed festival goers with their blend of folk, ska and punk - created with two acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and a ukulele.
Rumblings of other hot tickets like the Rakes, Art Brut, and the Ark surfaced after a day or so of show-hopping and comparing notes with the bleary-eyed in line at Las Manitas for breakfast each morning.
A sunny stroll later and they were back in the limo and off - for that hangover fry-up like a bleary-eyed Insider maybe?
The thing's going to get built," said a bleary-eyed Garforth, president and CEO of the Garforth Group, after an all-night drive from Sault Ste.
On the other hand, the collaborative, cadavre exquis-like execution and self-aggrandizing hyperbole (the novel took two years to finish, filled with "thirty-six bleary-eyed howling dinners of beer and cocaine") clearly summon both yesteryear's avant-garde and more recent experimental projects by Oulipo.
Bleary-eyed run to the border, speeding through Tijuana and down the coast to Ensenada.
Wait until your dad stumbles into the kitchen for his bleary-eyed coffee-making routine.
Do you get bleary-eyed trying to figure out an equation, a word problem, or related symbols in math class?
Having slumbered the whole way it was a frustrated and bleary-eyed deputy PM who slunk down the platform to his waiting auto.
Acting FM Ben Ami, bleary-eyed after a 4-week-long conflict, says: "Today - was it today?
When I worked in daytime television and would leave bleary-eyed and delirious after ten hours, my co-workers would look at me as if I were some kind of traitorous slacker.