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Synonyms for blear

Synonyms for blear

make dim or indistinct


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tired to the point of exhaustion

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Labour leader Ed Miliband said: "Hazel Blears has been a brilliant MP, always fighting for those in most need.
Ms Blears said: " Neither I, nor any candidate from any other party would be in a position to vet the immigration status of the hundreds of people who come in through the door to offer to stuff envelopes or deliver leaflets.
In his time at the corporate finance division at Martineau, Mr Blears was behind the repositioning of the firm and the decision to focus more strongly on key areas, including the environmental sector.
Blears was criticised when it was revealed she failed to pay a tax bill of more than 13,000 pounds on the sale of a flat in London.
Now Ms Blears, who quit the Cabinet last month following the expenses controversy, has written to the permanent secretary at the DCSF calling for Ms Greenwood to get her job back.
The news that Ms Blears would stay in her post was met with shouts of ''Hazel out'' by protesters in front of Salford Civic Centre.
Now we have the hideous sight of Blears bleating she didn't mean it.
In her first interview since the dramatic departure last week, Ms Blears tried to defuse anger by insisting that the move was not part of a plot to oust the Prime Minister.
Blears quit cabinet after a showdown with the Prime Minister, who had singled her out for criticism over her expenses.
Brown was accused of losing command of his Cabinet after Communities Secretary Hazel Blears quit.
Dawud Abdullah, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain said he will sue Hazel Blears, secretary of state for communities, for vilifying him in the media after talks between the cabinet minister and MCB on Friday did not resolve their differences.
Communities and Local Government minister Hazel Blears revealed the new plan to the Examiner.
Hazel Blears, the Local Government Secretary, will announce plans to allow campaigners to hold an electronic petition, to enable people to back referendums on mayors.
Blackpool is to benefit from significant government support for future Regeneration, communities secretary Hazel Blears confirmed last month.
ALAN JOHNSON, Hilary Benn and Hazel Blears are the three candidates who have been backed for the Labour Party deputy leadership and Hills believe the winner will come from that trio.