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Synonyms for bleary

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Synonyms for bleary

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Synonyms for bleary

tired to the point of exhaustion

Related Words

indistinct or hazy in outline

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Though it burned in their lungs, jolted them from beer and whiskey bleariness, they hardly spoke, and when Vince tried to fault himself, to apologize, Sully would shake him off, say, We cool, and turn up the hardcore in the tape deck, and take another hit.
Wiping the bleariness of the last 10 hours from my eyes, I suddenly noticed a huge white cross of vapor trails in the sky above me; it somehow seemed to be an omen of things to come.
Widescreen result, even on the large sheet, is surprisingly sharp, with little bleariness during camera movement, though the cool, bleached colors (slightly enriched in the musical numbers) always betray their vid origins.
The bleariness and lipstick smears that Buddy imagines make Seymour's woman appear aesthetically unrefined--crude, earthy--a clear elemental contrast to the airiness of the balloon.
As they filter into the green room over the course of the morning, they display varying degrees of bleariness as well--the sort of exhaustion that comes when months, even years, of intense work, worry and anticipation have at last come to fruition.