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Synonyms for blear-eyed

tired to the point of exhaustion

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"You're terrible fellows, you Captains," said he, tying up his papers; and his face wore something like a smile upon it, to the astonishment of the blear-eyed waiter who now entered, and had never seen such an expression upon Sedley's countenance since he had used the dismal coffee-house.
Limp, after taking a draught, placed his flat hands together and pressed them hard between his knees, looking down at them with blear-eyed contemplation, as if the scorching power of Mrs.
On the largest table, in the middle of the room, stood a smart Bible, placed exactly in the centre on a red and yellow woollen mat and at the side of the table nearest to the window, with a little knitting-basket on her lap, and a wheezing, blear-eyed old spaniel crouched at her feet, there sat an elderly woman, wearing a black net cap and a black silk gown, and having slate-coloured mittens on her hands.
A lazy lot - this Karl Yundt, nursed by a blear-eyed old woman, a woman he had years ago enticed away from a friend, and afterwards had tried more than once to shake off into the gutter.
ALL CLEAR, Coventry 1940 At five am and five years old, I see blear-eyed, emerging, stiff, to face the day.
Some of them were hair-lipped, others were blear-eyed, or hump-backed, or bow-legged, or clump-footed; hardly any of them looked like other people.
blear-eyed, into another chilled dawn; the draw of my breath
203 ('Blear-Eyed'): also in Beaumont, Higden, Wetenhall.
Dimly groping line after line without punctuation, here I write this poem as I live in the twilight: inching, like blear-eyed caterpillar, my way on the paper; torches and books have all been seized by the Lager guard, mail has stopped and the fog from the mountains muffles the barracks.