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Synonyms for bleakness

a bleak and desolate atmosphere

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Herrera, whose breathless monologues capture the perspective of a young girl trying to keep a lengthy chronicle of the good stuff, notes "the heart-wrenching and the hilarious are really side by side, which is life." Jamora agrees the play is "a lot of fun," and that Macmillan "wanted to talk about these issues in a comedic way, because he doesn't find bleakness or sentimentality helpful.
Amid the bleakness of the story about backpacker Grace Millane being murdered in Auckland, a light shone into the decency of mankind.
Onfroy's songs were bracingly confessional, thrusting listeners into his personal anguish and evoking the experience of being trapped within an unsettled minda feeling common to just about everyone who's ever lived but notably hard to recreate in music or literature without recourse to self-indulgent layers of abstraction or bleakness. At its best, Onfroy's work could reach an angsty frenzy that reminded listeners of grunge and emo and recalled the moody ethos (if not quite the lyrical genius) of Romantic poetry.
We must not forget the bleakness of the NHS winter crisis.
The short film is undeniably beautiful to watch despite the bleakness of the setting.
The bleakness of the storyline is offset by the humour of some of the dialogue, especially Archie's conversations with his sisters, and the reassuring resolution of Archie's problems at the end of the novel.
Bleakness and spite are the predominant themes in a show that's influenced too much by other, superior, genre fare.
in Pakistan for 10 years, but Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan only could see bleakness through his glasses.
It's a stark and distressing premise, but Crossan entwines the bleakness and the pressure of impending loss and annihilation, with love and thoughtfulness, as well as poignant flashbacks to when the brothers weren't separated by shackles and a Perspex wall.
The level of violence and bleakness is remarkable; however, it is perfectly counterbalanced by the beautiful, expressive prose.
JAILHOUSE ROCK Blues lover Hugh muses on island's bleakness
"We have heard reference to the area becoming bleak if the circuit is built but it's nothing compared to the bleakness of people's lives."
"[euro]ey are located in an extraordinary variety of settings, from the lush beauty of the Tyne Valley to the wild bleakness of the high moors and hills."
"But the bleakness of not doing it, and missing out on the friendships that you make, is too much to bear."