bleaching powder

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a white powder comprised of calcium hydroxide and chloride and hypochlorite and used to bleach and/or disinfect

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The bleaching powder is dangerous for the health of public, as spots could be created on the body due to its reaction.
If you get a choking feeling or a smell of musty hay, You can bet your bottom dollar that there's phosgene on the way, But the smell of bleaching powder will inevitably mean, The enemy you're meeting is the gas we call chlorine.
Sodium hypochlorite - bleaching powder - in a hot 10% solution kills both the bacilli and the spores.
An explosion rocked a bleaching powder plant in Kochi, capital of Kochi Prefecture, on Monday night, triggering a leakage of chlorine gas in the vicinity, local fire officials said.
Tenders are invited for procurement of isi marked bleaching powder (conforming to is 1065 amended/revised upto date)
Tenders are invited for Procurement of bleaching powder and alum