bleaching earth

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an adsorbent clay that will remove coloring from oils

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Activated Bleaching Earth (CAS 70131-50-9) Market Research Report presents comprehensive data on activated bleaching earth markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
The Activated Bleaching Earth (CAS 70131-50-9) Market Research Report includes activated bleaching earth description, covers its application areas and related patterns.
Officers also seized 20,000 litres of oil, a lorry, a van, five bags of bleaching earth, a large quantity of cat litter and ancillary equipment.
BUSINESS WIRE)--November 11, 1996--Engelhard Corporation today announced it has brought greater capacity on line to manufacture its activated bleaching earths for the fats and oils industry.
Engelhard said the additional capacity will enable the company to meet increasing customer demand for its activated bleaching earths.
Around 100 bags of bleaching earth for use in the process and 6,000 litres of fuel were also found.
They found around 40,000 litres of illegal fuel at the site and a significant quantity of bleaching earth which is used in the laundering process.
Mr Kelleher and his team also seized four lorries, a jeep, 18,000 litres of marked mineral oil, a tanker containing 6,000 litres of laundered fuel, a 40ft trailer with concealed tank for the transport of fuel, bleaching earth and ancillary equipment.
Two vans, bleaching earth, a compressor, a large quantity of laundered product and ancillary equipment were seized.
Officers believe the bleaching earth agent used to wash the diesel was imported from Russia and Malaysia.
Officers believe that the bleaching earth used to wash the diesel was imported from Russia and Malaysia.
Similarly, changes in consumer tastes are having a positive impact on the demand for bleaching earths used in the production of edible oils, notably palm oil.
Ltd Bentonitas Especiales SA MINEVICA Minas de Torrejon SA SA de Mineria y Tecnologia de Arcillas Sepiol SA Sud-Chemie Espana NL Tolsa SA Asian Bleaching Earths Company Ltd.