bleaching clay

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an adsorbent clay that will remove coloring from oils

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At present its major value added products are bleaching clay, clay catalysts, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), calcined bauxite and very soon it will be alumina, he says.
Net sales and volume growth were driven by sales of our bleaching clays and animal health and nutrition products.
Bleaching clay sales were up substantially world-wide.
In Europe, higher crude oil quality reduced bleaching clay usage and production volumes were down due to softer demand from Eastern Europe and Russia.
The PURE-FLO Product Group has a lot of opportunity to expand its share of the world's bleaching clay market, the greater portion of which is outside North America.
AGSORB(R) carrier and PURE-FLO(R) bleaching clay shipments are also expected to be strong.
New PURE-FLO(R) Supreme `surface modified' adsorbents have enabled the PURE-FLO(R) Product Group to expand participation in domestic and international bleaching clay markets.