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Hydrogen peroxide is also known as a bleaching agent that is used to whiten teeth or hair, as a stain remover, as well as for cleaning surfaces and disinfecting wounds.
The effects of antioxidant agents as neutralizers of bleaching agents on enamel bond strength.
In this therapy, clinician applies a bleaching agent into the empty pulp chamber of an endodontically treated and discolored tooth.
For this system, the bleaching agent was mixed with activator paste and applied on the finished surface of composite specimens and exposed to LED curing light for 15 minutes.
Some imported kits seized by officials contained 33 per cent bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide.
The teeth were divided randomly into a control group and two experimental groups according to the bleaching agent type used: Group A, a mixture of 2 g of SP powder and 1 ml of DW, and Group B, a mixture of 2g of SP powder and 1 ml of 30% HP.
The chemical reactions between bleaching agent and dental materials may cause alterations on the surface topography [17-19].
Persulphates are chemicals found in bleaching agent of hair dyes.
Which chemical, with the formula H2 O2, is used as an oxidant and bleaching agent? 4.
Which chemical, with the formula H2O2, is used as an oxidant and bleaching agent? 4.
The biggest concern on product like these is the excessive amount of bleach, acid, mercury and even the worst bleaching agent that can cause harm than good.
While the confidence of consumers is valued by all manufacturers, Hawknad operates in a segment--skin-lightening products --that has been clouded by questions about the safety of the bleaching agent hydroquinone.
Objective: To analyze the effects of bleaching agent on enamel structure and to characterize the morphological and chemical changes in enamel due to bleaching.
Bleaching agent used were Carbamide peroxide 10% {Opalescence} and Carbamide peroxide 21% (d-tech) (4)
The fish are treated with preservatives like meta bisulphate [a bleaching agent whose overuse can cause stomach problems] to increase their shelf life.