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Both composites showed statistically significant Vickers hardness after exposure to both home and office bleaching agent.
This study was carried out to analyze the effects of bleaching agent on enamel structure and to characterize the morphological and chemical changes in enamel due to bleaching.
When the teeth were treated by Nano Composite material and 21% bleaching agent the Shear bond strength were reduced compared to the Nano composite alone and Nano Composite with 10% bleaching agent.
Hydrogen peroxide is the main constituent of either bleaching agent or the product of dissociation of carbamide peroxide or perborate sodium and it acts as an oxidizing agent by causing the formation of free radicals.
Bleaching liquid whey and the type of bleaching agent used can affect the flavor of whey protein concentrate.
Sung et al (25) concluded that adhesive bond strength to dentin decreases with the prior application of a bleaching agent containing 10% carbamide peroxide, as they found out a correlation with the type of solvent used as a component of adhesive systems; in fact, they reported greater bonding loss in acetone-based adhesives compared to alcohol-based adhesives.
The hydrogen peroxide essentially acts as a bleaching agent, turning the hair growing from the follicles either gray or white.
The treatment disperses a bleaching agent into the air and then detoxifies the chemical.
Prof Hutchings' initial research - also EU funded - analysed the production of hydrogen peroxide, a natural bleaching agent widely used in the textile and paper industry and in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is the active constituent in chlorine bleach, a powerful oxidizer and bleaching agent.
He added: "We have discovered a new way of activating the bleaching agent and that's deeply disturbing.
Yuzhong's owner, surnamed "Chen", was cited as saying that his company was able to sell bleaching agent at 9,000 yuan ($1,319) per ton versus the market price of 11,000 yuan, said Legal Weekend.
During the work, the temperatures of the pipes dropped faster than set criteria because of inappropriate management of the temperature, but the data were erased from records using a bleaching agent, according to Hitachi, its group company and other sources.
Fire crews were called after a small amount of the chemical calcium hypochlorite, commonly used as a bleaching agent, spilled out of the back of a 40ft articulated lorry trailer just before 7am yesterday.
The bulk of the research findings in recent published literature suggest that, as consequence of these modifications and the development of novel tooth whitening techniques, the concentration of the bleaching agent and the duration of tile exposure time (active bleaching session) have emerged as the two most important factors in the efficacy of any bleaching treatment.