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an outdoor grandstand without a roof

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"Now that the field surface has been placed and the bleachers are starting to be put up, it's starting to look like something."
Police report showed that prior to the incident, the security marshal said he has warned the audience not to stand at the bleachers as they might fall.
Schneider and Joe managed to seek cover under the bleachers, but there was sheer panic because they were unsure where the shots were coming from.
Eugene-based TrackTown USA said it had heard concerns from a few spectators about the bleachers swaying in the wind Sunday.
Another African-American, rookie kickoff and punt returner Leroy Kelly, also is enshrined at Canton--and a bunch of my new friends in the bleachers were African-American as well.
As Broden continued to scream and whine, I walked with him on my back down the bleachers away from the starting line.
The temporary bleachers are expected to be fully completed by mid-May when FIFA will officially take over all operations in the stadium.
With new, aluminum bleachers costing over $3,000, Parks and Rec.
"They mentioned that they just happened to have purchased all these bleachers, but their maintenance staff only consists of two people who share one toolbox.
For Opening Day 1901, the ballpark's seating areas consisted of a single-deck covered grandstand that extended from first base to third base, and sets of bleachers down both foul lines.
The prices are as follows: P3,000 (center lower grand stand), P2,000 (side lower grand stand and center upper grand stand), P1,000 (side upper grand stand), P500 (bleacher) and P300 (blue and green bleachers).
According to the paper, the baseball that Lou Gehrig hit into the Yankee Stadium bleachers was during game two of the 1928 World Series.
He said that right after the end of the match over 25,000 Al-Masry fans flooded the field and ran towards the bleachers of the UA07 who were only about 500.
Wrigley Regulars: Finding Community in the Bleachers. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2010.