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an outdoor grandstand without a roof

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This consultation concerns the provision and implementation of retractable bleachers installation work space 140 of Rillieux-la-Pape,- The city has a village hall and new and modern families, she wants to equip retractable bleachers in order to diversify its uses while preserving its versatility.
He wrote one of baseball's most iconic books, A Day in the Bleachers, his spirited account of attending Game One of the 1954 World Series, where Willie Mays made one of the greatest catches in baseball history.
Ticket Price (USD) (3-day tickets) General admission bleacher seat $100 USD Foro Sol bleacher seat South $300 USD Foro Sol bleacher seat North $433 USD Golden bleacher seat $600 USD Platinum bleacher seat $800 USD Main Grandstand $1,250 USD (*PSL Only)
The temporary bleachers are expected to be fully completed by mid-May when FIFA will officially take over all operations in the stadium.
The center has temporary bleachers to seat up to 500 spectators and the completion of the permanent bleachers will double the capacity.
They mentioned that they just happened to have purchased all these bleachers, but their maintenance staff only consists of two people who share one toolbox.
The ball was caught by a relative named Buddy Kurland, who was in the bleachers at the old Yankee Stadium during Game 2 of the 1928 Series.
Warner, of 15 Kittredge Road, Spencer, were charged after they allegedly stole bleachers valued at $11,450 and sold them for $378.
Police forces opened the gates of the bleachers to Al-Masry, some of them used knives, threw stones and fired birdshot at us," Ali said.
Skin bleachers in the Shona culture appear to face moral dilemmas and the moral intentions of skin bleachers have been questioned from several perspectives.
In the artist's renderings of the new video boards, the generic "SPONSOR" above the board over the right field bleachers stands out as a promotional place awaiting someone's marketing budget.
Rosamond High School's stadium was demolished as unsafe after the rainstorms washed away soil supporting the concrete bleachers.
The "Duke" and two assistants took over a makeshift ticket booth in a corner of the centerfield bleachers.
is supplying the pre-cast bleachers for the luxury suites and mezzanine level.