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Synonyms for bleached

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Synonyms for bleached

having lost freshness or brilliance of color

(used of color) artificially produced


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Objective: To determine the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets after anti-oxidant treatment on previously bleached teeth.
But Professor Terry Hughes of James Cook University, who has been leading the surveys of bleached corals, found in the latest study, published in Nature Climate Change, that the response of the reef was different between the two years.
Added to that, the use of 37% carbamide peroxide generates less structural weakening of the bleached structure compared with sodium perborate.
Those algae give the coral its vivid color, so once they're gone the coral turns a shade of white and considered "bleached." This puts the corals under stress and makes it more likely the coral will die, ( NOAA  said.
If the heat does not let up, bleached coral may die.
6 You will notice the bleach develops over time - the longer you leave it, the paler the bleached areas will go.
Around 5 percent of the GBR died when half of the shallow corals bleached in the 1998 and 2002 major bleaching events.
Abouassi et al, demonstrated morphological alterations in the bleached enamel surface: Bleaching of enamel results in formation of enamel depressions, porosities in enamel and marked increase in the depth of enamel grooves.15 Many other studies investigated the effects of bleaching on enamel morphology and the surface texture.
Results: Thedetrimental effects of hydrogen per-oxide on enamel were evident in bleached specimens under SEM, and AFM analysis.
The colorant is also present in liquid cheese whey and must be bleached so that it can be used in ingredient applications without imparting color.
A 20-year old single and employed woman maintained that she feels great in bleached skin.