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the official symbols of a family, state, etc

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Blazonry (by Hennessy; Gr2) and Hippocrates (by Hennessy; stakes placed).
The escutcheons on the cornice I propose to charge with the blazonry of all the Border clans, eighteen in number, and so many of the great families, not clans, as will occupy the others.
In La Revolution (1857), Hugo shows how an emergent historical consciousness, which is in danger of extinction for want of social structures capable of harnessing its potential and giving it lasting meaning, can be effectively recuperated and sustained textually by the time-resistant language of blazonry. Finally, in Burt's analysis of 'Les Bijoux', originally condemned by the censors of Les Fleurs du mal in 1857, it is argued that Baudelaire deliberately allowed for the coexistence of symbolic and literal meanings in his poem, in anticipation of the changing hermeneutical practices and moral values of his future readers and censors.
BLAZONRY In tournaments during the Middle Ages, whenever an unknown knight arrived it was the duty of the herald to blasen (Middle English, "to blow") a trumpet for attention, and then to describe to the assemblage the bearings on the escutcheon of the knight.
Focusing first on the woolly visage of the American bison, Moore begins her poem with a frank attempt to "read" the book of nature in the same way that a student of blazonry would read a coat of arms.
Although the medieval offices of Falconer Herald and Pursuivant were discontinued, heraldic ensigns drew on falconry to express power and status: falcons took second place only to the eagle and were depicted in blazonry with wings elevated, rising or preparing to fly, but never `volant'; lures (decoys), and bells and jesses (leg straps) were sometimes assumed, but were usually attached to the falcon.(92) One of the tournament shields designed by Sir Philip Sidney depicted a hawk hung up by its jesses and leash which symbolized a youth ensnared by a plentiful estate.(93)
Although she never raced, the daughter of Alydar went on to justify his expenditure by producing Grade 2 winner Blazonry.