blaze away

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Synonyms for blaze away

perform (an acting passage) brilliantly and rapidly

shoot rapidly and repeatedly


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speak with fire and passion

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30am for the sing-song which included 'We are minors of the ABC' to the tune of Blaze Away.
Carter did not blaze away as he famously does in oneday cricket but punched a couple of boundaries through the off-side before perishing in pursuit of a third.
Area residents, meanwhile, were returning to their homes after the evacuation order was lifted, grateful that firefighters on the ground and in the air had deflected the blaze away from the 279 homes and businesses in the area.
They just stand on a driving range and blaze away, sometimes spending more time chatting to their pals than putting in the hard yards anyway.
Morgan was eventually bowled behind his legs by Steven Croft but Malan continued to blaze away and became the first Middlesex player to score a Twenty20 hundred.
A thorough stayer, Lord Of Illusion is also a very sound jumper who likes to blaze away from up front and while that is a tough call in a test as severe as the Hennessy, he could have the others in trouble a fair way out.
Lorries and skips caught fire and fire fighters struggled to keep the blaze away from a diesel tank and avert an explosioin.
A kindhearted little guy just as ready to negotiate for peace as blaze away with hip guns or finger lasers, Atom was created by Osamu Tezuka in 1951 and made the leap from print to TV screens in 1963.
Carpenter made amends in overtime when his shot was tipped in by Chartrand to give Blaze away wins against the second, third and fourth-placed sides in succession.
1 -- color) The Helldorado gunfighters blaze away at a show in Tombstone, where Old West authenticity sometimes gets obscured in an onslaught of tourism and tackiness.
Blackpool's Illuminations blaze away until November 8 - and Pontin's (tel: 0990 331199) offer special breaks at pounds 15 per person a night full board.
Devils played Coventry Blaze away in their opening challenge match on Wednesday night, while they take on Belfast Giants home and away this weekend.
A betting shop manager maintains his lonely vigil as the lights blaze away and the costs of staying open mount, to Gary Dale's chagrin
Tonight (Sunday), Cardiff play Coventry Blaze away, while next weekend they are away to Basingstoke Bison on Saturday and then play the same opposition at their Cardiff Bay rink on Sunday (6pm).
It comes as no surprise to see the Highlands twinkling with less than 20 lights per square mile while major cities blaze away with 20,000.