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Synonyms for blatherskite

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Synonyms for blatherskite

foolish gibberish


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"Think of the smartness and coolness of that blatherskite! He put up that scheme on us and reasoned out what we would do, and we went ahead and done it perfectly exact, like a couple of pudd'nheads.
"No?" Father would scoff, "just Brobdingnagian blatherskites and you would do well to avoid their balderdash!" And suddenly both would notice that we had stopped talking (and laughing) and were following their words with our heads going from one side to the other as if we were watching a tennis match.
BLATHERSKITES, CHARLIE AND THE FUNK FACTORY: The Jam House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham.
There is a genuine worry that newspaper journalists will be driven out of business by a tidal wave of blogging or twittering blatherskites. Mass has resulted in mess.