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Synonyms for blatherskite

Synonyms for blatherskite

foolish gibberish


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I have been called a lot of things in my life - Kimit, Kermit, Kamit and ``Hey, stupid'' - but until Michael Cohen of Reseda wrote to the editor in response to the political insult column I wrote back in March, I had never before been referred to as an ``addlepated amateur'' or a ``blithering blatherskite.
Just call him a blatherskite or even a snollygoster in reply.
Well you might accuse someone using such language of being a blatherskite, a person who talks nonsense, but these long-forgotten words are ready to make a comeback.
The primary implication for business communication of the positive sort is to recognize that it must face reality early; it must embrace the public generously and openly, and it must deal with the inevitable sides of its behavior and actions with refreshing openness rather than the traditional denial couched in organization blatherskite.
Kimit Muston is an adlepated amateur who is an arrogant automaton, a blithering blatherskite.
Warning: After the Stanley Cup Finals end tonight in Jersey, ESPN blatherskite Chris Berman migrates to Chicago to get in the camera's way during coverage of golf's U.
BLATHERSKITES, CHARLIE AND THE FUNK FACTORY: The Jam House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham.