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Synonyms for blatherskite

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Synonyms for blatherskite

foolish gibberish


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As an example, the Oxford Dictionaries quote: "Politicians get away all the time with obscurantist blatherskite."
Seamlessly translated by Victoria Cribb, the book suggests there are those who scrawl along, ultimately becoming connoisseurs of their own drab blatherskite, and those who are provided with the gift of a compelling tongue.
Yes, perfect, though perhaps a better example of what happens when a Beckian blatherskite forgets that advertisers are a fickle lot.
For all of the technocratic blatherskite it generates, business theory gives little attention to the basic human interactions that make business a profoundly human enterprise.
In Canada they include: bag of wind, scuzzball, blatherskite, a trained seal, jerk, pig and, bizarrely, a weathervane.
And why should anyone take any notice of what a here-today, gone-tomorrow blatherskite columnist thinks about the war?
He mocked Griffith in recognisable terms: 'bluff, bounce and blatherskite', 'Garrulous Griff, Arthur Griffith, MLA, plenipotentiary to Oom Paul Kruger--Australian Branch', 'one of those bubonic germs introduced to this State by payment of members'.
Just call him a blatherskite or even a snollygoster in reply.
Well you might accuse someone using such language of being a blatherskite, a person who talks nonsense, but these long-forgotten words are ready to make a comeback.
The primary implication for business communication of the positive sort is to recognize that it must face reality early; it must embrace the public generously and openly, and it must deal with the inevitable sides of its behavior and actions with refreshing openness rather than the traditional denial couched in organization blatherskite.
That blatherskite raised a huge red flag for some of us who are keenly following this story!
"No?" Father would scoff, "just Brobdingnagian blatherskites and you would do well to avoid their balderdash!" And suddenly both would notice that we had stopped talking (and laughing) and were following their words with our heads going from one side to the other as if we were watching a tennis match.
BLATHERSKITES, CHARLIE AND THE FUNK FACTORY: The Jam House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham.