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Synonyms for blate

cry plaintively

disposed to avoid notice


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'But Autocall isn't just about codes and standards,' said Blate. 'Lives are at stake, so we deliver products that allow our customers to rest easy knowing their people and their buildings are protected by one of the most reliable fire detection systems.'
According to Blate, the Autocall brand complements Johnson Controls' comprehensive, integrated offering of fire protection, security, energy management, building automation and HVAC systems.
SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Rafael Blate died senselessly during the early hours of last Sunday after he received a beating from an older youth outside a Limassol nightclub.
Sincere appreciation is extended to the many people who assisted in making this undertaking possible: Jim Scanlon, PT; Ivan Long, CP; Jerry Mayfield, MD; Carole Harper; Jane Shofer; Sam Blate; Peggy Dalton, PhD; J.
Speaking at a news conference in the Thai capital, Bangkok, WWF spokesman Geoff Blate said: "It's feared that many species will struggle to adapt to the new conditions.
2006), pueden ser combatidos mediante practicas de extraccion de bajo impacto que, en comparacion con la extraccion convencional, disminuyen la vulnerabilidad de los bosques a incendios en el suelo, al reducir el tamano de los claros de aprovechamiento (usualmente las areas mas susceptibles a los incendios) y la cantidad de combustible vegetal producto de los residuos de la tala (Holdsworth y Uhl 1997; Blate 2005).
Blate, Geoffrey Michael 2005 Assessing trade-offs in multiple-objective forest management.
Beissinger S.R., Steadman E.C., Wohlgenant T.W., Blate G., & Zack S.
He was imprisoned at Blate concentration camp for nine months.
Pena-Claros, M., Poorter, L., Alarcon, A., Blate, G., Choque, U., Fredericksen, T.S., Justiniano, M.
Other instances of non-stigmatized entries are in baubee, blate, dornick,
'A guid Scots tung in yer heid's nae guid if yer mooth's ower blate tae yaise it' is the motto of Scots Tung (