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the property of being both obvious and offensive

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As James Pattison argues, the use of private military companies allows "a government to deploy military force without the blatancy of state action--for instance by enabling foreign policy by proxy.
One of the remarkable paradoxes of our time is the blatancy of those who profess a politics of compassion while shaping their own lives and aspirations according to the canons of self-indulgence--or their "personal legends.
It is a source of frustration for many complainants who have to wait in line irrespective of the scale or blatancy of the lawyers' wrongdoing, especially since the alternative - to sue lawyers directly in court -- is all but impossible due to the hefty costs and general reluctance among lawyers to go against their colleagues in court.
The blatancy of the plaintiffs allegations may be used against him as the very facts which alerted him to the fraud.
Eustathius is accusing the poet of blatancy, straightforwardness, and a serious want of imagination, serious Odyssean sins.
This financial crisis brought everything to a head for me - The blatancy of social injustice, the rising unemployment, the mortgaging of this generation's future, the never-satisfied greed of the super-rich, and the incompetent weakness of our politicians," says Derek.
The frequency and blatancy with which these laws have been abused are justification enough for their repeal.
The frequency and blatancy with which these laws are abused are justification enough for their repeal.
While the OC's irregularities such as the exaggerated prices of items like treadmills and toilet rolls have come to light due to their sheer blatancy, the construction works across the city have also been questionable.
3) The blatancy of the use of the rain shower to get Truman to go home implies that a certain laziness and arrogance has set in with the show's production team over the years, which supports my later argument that a certain number of glitches are inevitable.
As Yvonne Tasker notes, this blatancy within 1980s action cinema has led to the categorization of these films as "monolithic", inciting knee-jerk dismissal and outright vehemence on the part of both the liberal press and the "cine-literate".
The judge told him: "There would appear to be not only an aspect of blatancy here but also of spite, and so there must be a substantial prison sentence.
The anger evident in all this UN activity, and in particular the passion evident in the High Commissioner's choice of words, is founded upon the blatancy of the disregard of the law that has been evident in Gaza.
Here, the facts regarding appreciation differ so much from Starson in blatancy that the patient fails to pass even the Starson SCC majority's low threshold for appreciation.
Parody, refutation, revision, critique: these pointed terms do not quite capture the simultaneous blatancy and understatement of Bishop's allusive mode in "In the Waiting Room.