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A tecnica desenvolvida por pesquisadores norteamericanos de extrair celulas-tronco embrionarias humanas de morulas, fase onde o embriao apresenta entre 8 a 16 celulas e nao de blastulas, um estagio de 100 celulas, como eles fazem normalmente, se mostra assim promissora.
About 3.5 h after spawning, 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-cell blastulas were observed (4- to 16-cell stages shown in Fig.
Have students bring their blastulas in their Petri dishes and place them in the freezer, much as blastocysts created by in vitro fertilization are frozen for storage.
In further studies we have found that NMMA (0.1-3 mM) inhibits the fertilization and development process, as measured by the percentage of fertilized eggs undergoing cell division 1 h after fertilization, and the formation of rotating blastulas after 20 h.