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Sox13 showed an initial increase in expression at the blastula followed by a decline in expression during the in the rest of the embryonic development process.
Immunodetection analysis of bivalve larval ECM components and primary cell cultures from the Embryo (blastula) or Trochophore (larva) stage are very useful approaches for investigating ECM components in cellular morphogenesis.
Development rate was carried out by assessing the time required for certain cell stage (2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, 16-cell, morulla and blastula stage) to be accomplished (Figure1).
This study also found that the embryonic developmental potential was significantly impaired after culture with anti-CENP-A antibody, exhibiting significantly lower percentages of 6- to 8-cell stage embryos on the third day and blastula stage embryos on the fifth day.
El tiempo transcurrido desde la fecundacion hasta la eclosion fue de 36:13 h; durante este tiempo el embrion atraveso por los siguientes periodos: cigoto, clivaje (blastula), gastrula, segmentacion y organogenesis, eclosion y estado larval.
The increase of cell segmentation enhances the degree of compaction between blastomeres and marks the end of the ball stage (Wolpert et al., 2000), also referred to as morula and early blastula (Andrade-Talmelli et al., 2001; Reynalte-Tataje et al., 2001; Romagosa et al., 2001; Anjos and Anjos, 2006; Ninhaus-Silveira et al., 2006; Faustino et al., 2007; Paes, 2008; Nakaghi et al., 2013).
By about day 50, the blastula formed, and individual cells were no longer discernible.
Horas Estado de desarrollo post-fertilizacion (HPF) 0:15-0:30 division de 2 y 4 celulas 0:45-0:55 8 celulas 1:10-1:30 16 celulas 1:40-1:50 morula 4:15-4:25 blastula 6:15-6:25 inicio del eje embrionario 7:15-7:25 evolucion del embrion 8:15-8:25 segmentacion del embrion 10:19 continua segmentacion hasta la cola y aparecen pigmentos 15:39 formacion de la aleta caudal y aparicion de organos internos 16:44 empieza a latir el corazon y se observa movimiento del embrion 19:49 eclosion del embrion
However, the blastula was spherical like normal embryos (Fig.
Ovine (Ovis aries) blastula from an in vitro production system and isolation of primary embryonic stem cells.
Considering the importance of ES cells, an effort was made to establish ES-like cells line from the blastula of Indian catfish, H.
The embryonic development of zebrafish is commonly divided into seven stages, the zygote (0-0.75 hpf), cleavage (0.75-2.25 hpf), blastula (2.125-5.25 hpf), gastrula (5.2-5.10 hpf), segmentation (10-24 hpf), pharyngula (24-48 hpf), and hatching (48-72 hpf) periods.
The pockmarked spherical body and pointy-petaled seedpod in Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula and Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula (Detail) are decidedly more sinister in ambience.