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the opening into the archenteron

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Stage II ended when the blastopore was closed and the optic cups distinguished head and tail regions of the embryo.
The blastodic became apparent on day 28 and the blastopore was visible on some eggs (Fig.
At 20-30 [micro]M (Figures 4 and 6), the larvae remained motile, retained the blastopore and the lower part of archenteron and generally survived through the next 1-2 days; they did not lose their extralarval caps (category III).
Eggs were then binned into three broader categories that comprised 1) early-stage eggs (E: stages 1-12), which includes all stages before the closing of the blastopore; 2) middle-stage eggs (M: stages 13-15), when the blastopore is closed, the margin of the tail is defined, and the tail bud is thick, but the margin remains attached to the yolk; and 3) late-stage eggs (L: 16-23), when the tail lifts away from yolk and lengthens and encircles the top half of the yolk to extend just beyond the head of the embryo.