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any cell resulting from cleavage of a fertilized egg

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The blastomere that absorbed the PL became the large blastomere (Fig.
The first cleavages were observed 20 minutes after fertilization (AF), yielding cells with 02, 04, 08, 16, 32 and 64 blastomeres.
2+] from seawater at low salinity may, on its own, be sufficient to disrupt cell-cell connections, as has been shown in classic blastomere separation experiments (Horstadius, 1973).
Cloning concerns are especially applicable to the blastomere nuclear transfer technique, where a blastomere is derived from an embryo that consists of several cells, not just a single cell as found during transfer of spindles or pronuclei (Fig.
In this study, genome profiling of human embryos using single blastomere whole-genome sequencing (WGS) was assessed in a [beta]-thalassemia family.
Preclinical validation of a microarray method for full molecular karyotyping of blastomeres in a 24-h protocol.
SK: Blastomeres from morulas are indeed pluripotent.
Result: After the surplus embryos were vitrified and subsequently thawed and transferred, the survival of the embryos was assessed by the number of blastomeres that were intact.
Hamilton Thome's LYKOS laser system is used for intricate clinical procedures such as laser-assisted hatching, trophectoderm biopsy and blastomere biopsy.
32) The biopsy is performed using one of three methods: extraction of the polar bodies from the pre-embryo oocytes; (33) a one to two cell extraction at the day three blastomere stage; (34) or a one to two cell extraction at the day five blastocysts stage.
Injection of Lucifer Yellow, a fluorescent dye injected into single blastomere to detect the effect of RNAi in compacted embryos, could not transfer into all the blastomeres (Bevilacqua et al.
Multiple blastomere biopsies were performed from each embryo to reduce the number of embryos needed for the research.
2000) found that nearly 45% of thawed embryos suffered some amount of blastomere (cell) loss, causing an approximate 30% reduction in implantation.
Because polar-body biopsy is restricted to testing for maternal disease, blastomere biopsy has gained favor as the method of choice for genetic testing of preimplantation pregnancies.
Preserved eggs from the day of collection (fertilization) had a single blastomere sitting on a yolk containing a group of >50 oil globules varying in size (0.