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Synonyms for blastoff

the launching of a missile or spacecraft to a specified destination

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With JoAnn's job at blastoff done, the couple watched the moon landing with champagne.
BLASTOFF - Film, Screenplay, and Theme-music Festival
WASHINGTON, May 1 (Saba) -- NASA officials postponed again on Sunday the launch of the space shuttle Endeavor but did not set a date to reset the blastoff, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
Double-sonic booms rang through the balmy night as the spaceship dropped beneath the sound barrier for first time since its predawn blastoff from the Kennedy Space Center on February 8.
EST (0320 GMT), after double-sonic booms signaled the spaceship had dropped beneath the sound barrier for first time since its predawn blastoff on Feb.
At the blastoff of the book's long-anticipated film adaptation, Brit thesp Stephen Fry--friend of the late scribe, and the film's narrator--told the crowd the evening "couldn't help but be bittersweet."
In this collection of mathematical puzzles, clever readers can discern how many people have inhabited Earth, what blastoff velocity is needed to escape Earth's gravitational pull, why snowflakes have six sides, and whether it's better to walk or run through a downpour.
space shuttle Challenger broke apart after blastoff, killing all seven people aboard.
'The blastoff decision confirmed today regarding the crew, including the first space tourist Dennis Tito, is final,' Semyonov said.
The tail of the geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle GSLV was engulfed seconds before the planned liftoff, disappointing hundreds, including space scientists who were eagerly awaiting a smooth blastoff.
Japan's BSAT-2a and EUROBIRD separated from an Ariane 5 rocket about 30 minutes after blastoff at 7:51 p.m., the company said.
BLASTOFF On him: Jacket, New York Industrie; shirt, XL; jeans, Bulldog.
Glenn, who has appeared in television interviews almost every day since the shuttle's blastoff, told U.S.