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the blastula of a placental mammal in which some differentiation of cells has occurred

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As a fertilized egg develops into a blastocyst, it produces cells that will form the embryo and two other types of cell that will develop into the placenta or the yolk sac.
A significantly higher developmental competence was observed at the blastocyst stage for oocytes grown in [alpha]-MEM (51.
Patients aged 35-37 years should first consider single-embryo transfer, and patients aged 38-40 years should receive single-blastocyst embryo transfers if euploid embryos are available, but no more than three cleavage-stage embryos or two blastocysts.
Influence of group embryo culture strategies on the blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome.
Under stringent culture conditions, including the presence of amino acids, embryos can be cultured to the blastocyst stage in the absence of protein [15].
Moreover, the blastocyst rate was highest in injection 560 ng/uL Npm group and was lowest in injection 100 ng/uL PGA group.
It has been shown that if the blastocyst collapses in the process of evaluation, it cannot be reliably evaluated [16].
A blastocyst is a ball of cells that forms about three days after an egg has been fertilized by a sperm.
Around day five, the embryonic cells cluster together and form a structure called the blastocyst.
Using the BO-IVF media system, laboratories can benefit from this extensive combined portfolio of knowledge of EmbryoTrans Biotech by achieving higher blastocyst rates, more robust blastocysts and thereby a higher pregnancy rate.
Using this new technology, the embryologists can now provide a more stable environment to allow greater numbers of embryos to develop to [euro]ve days old when the embryo reaches what is called the blastocyst stage.