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The blastocoele developmental rate was determined by the number of blastocysts divided by the number of embryos allotted to each laboratory times 100%.
In the case of mice, EGF promoted the formation of blastocoeles (Wood and Kaye, 1989; Paria et al.
Within 5 to 12 days, the embryo becomes a blastocyst (Figure 3-4), which consists of an inner cell mass, a group of cells clumped together at one end of the embryo, and the trophectoderm, a layer of thin cells (trophoblasts) forming a cyst-like cavity called the blastocoele.
A coeloblastula is usually formed with the blastomeres comprising a single layered epithelium enclosing a large blastocoele (Nyholm, 1949; Mergner, 1971; Campbell, 1974; Spaulding, 1974; Fautin et al.
Embryos at the blastocyst stage of development were characterized as having a thinned zona pellucida, a turgid blastocoele cavity, and a prominent inner cell mass (ICM).